World Schools

Teachings of the Da Xuan tradition are available in many locations around the world. Below you can find a list of all the locations where Da Xuan Instructors are offering public classes. Please contact the Instructor directly if you are interested in attending.

If you would like to join the main school via our distance training program, please contact Mr Augier directly using the button below.

Paris, France – MAIN SCHOOL – Serge Augier

Chartres, France – Xavier Pietrobon

Gloucester, UK – Martyn Reeves

Oslo, Norway – Arne-Morten Hansen, Henning Cederkvist, Henrik Cederkvist

Copenhagen, Denmark – Martin Lund Rasmussen

Melbourne, Australia – Laetitia Chevillard-Seow & Benjamin Seow

Sydney, Australia – Laetitia Chevillard-Seow & Benjamin Seow

Brisbane, Australia –  Craig Mallett

Hong Kong – Antony Au

New York, USA – Rob Vuksanovic

San Francisco, USA – Fidel Pomajambo

Lisbon, Portugal – Xavier Deroche