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Work the De to understand the TAO

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In Taoism it is necessary to work on his practice to become “pure and true” rather than in a fantasy.

To become manifestation of Tao, which cannot be explained or clearly expressed.

Since it can not be understood intellectually, the Tao can be “felt” or “perceived” by practice, its the taoist “virtue” (I hate that word) found in the “De” of Tao De Jing (the book of Lao Zi, for those who do not know …).

Chapter 54
“When cultivated and exercised in itself
The Tao manifest (De) becomes pure (without parasites) and natural (true to oneself) “

So it is necessary to test every day aspects of the Tao which are perceptible to understand the world energy and absolute. Without this work, the repetition of experiments, feel, we can not speak of the mental and mental vision of a hypothetical Tao, without experiences, its based on ignorance.

Chapter 54
“How can I check the situation of all things under heaven?
Precisely by the method described here (work and experience without mental images) “

In the non difference in the components of the Tao, the unity of all things, the combat arts permit the sense of that. The serious, violent combat arts, are not there to prepare for fighting but to learn to feel, for the body, is the unity of De, the manifestation of the Tao. If the violence used in the arts of combat is “pure and natural”,

it is really worth fighting for:

Chapter 55
“He who posses the natural of De is like a newborn
(or “born again”!)
The insects do not bite,
The big cats do not injure,
Birds of prey do not attack,
His bones are soft and tendons (muscles) relaxed,
But his grip is firm. “

Ling Tai, the “Spiritual” newborn, is the name of an advanced stage of the alchemical realisation. It is a passage of the Three Treasures (San Bao), Jing (essence), Chi (energy) and Shen (spirit) are “worked” and melted together. The experience of the Tao was created by alchemical work, and daily by the body, the unity with the world is close.

In this state, the unity with the world, the Tao, permits you not worry about violence and daily life, everything is done, happens, without action. Failure to act, to go with and not against, is the result of a long alchemical and energy work, it has nothing to do with the ability to sit on your ass all day. The emotional disengagement with respect to violence and combat comes from the work and the fusion with the violence and the combat, not watching Van Damme films.

The search for “more power” to fight against the power, the external vision of the combat arts, does not support the passage of time …

End of chapter 55
“The power makes old,
This is contrary to the Tao,
That which is contrary to the Tao has to perish,
This is not the Tao “it is the strength of the world”,

But anything that goes against the laws of nature is impermanent. Cultivating external force cannot lead to be the strongest … the day we are the strongest, is the eve of the decline of our strength.

If there’s internal harmony, of our energy and our organs, its in agreement with the Tao, the laws of external energy of our body, are in unity with the world. This state of harmony allows a permeable energy between us and the outside, an infinite limit.

Still Chapter 55
The “newborn” can express the power all day (shout) without getting tired,
His internal harmony is simple and perfect (in agreement with the Whole)
The essence and harmony in this state are natural and constant
(not declining)
You know by the practice of this (no discussion!), Its wisdom
( “sensing” the Tao),

Above all, this final quote:

Chapter 57
“The more men have sharp weapons,
The more the world will be in violence. “

Work on ways to correct the impolite, teaching hitting methods and the penetrating force of impact is the goal … its good … but do not forget not to corrupt the intentions, to actually be more miserable than before …