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Well … What do we do, then?

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The path we try to follow demands to pass by precise stages if we want to be able to evolve, without being stopped in our run-up by blockings from diverse origins.

We have three big stages, which can be decomposed into five small ones:

•   It is necessary to regulate and to make the body work, this with the aim of strengthening it, relaxing it and grounding it.

•   It is necessary to regulate and to calm the spirit so that its tendency to scatter is transformed into a tendency to concentrate.

•   It is necessary to identify and to regulate the energy, allowing it to circulate freely, to be unlimited.

Regulate the body demands to unify two groups of practices: the work on the body and the one on the breath:

Work on the body

Strengthening the body

The strengthening of the body is made by methods of chi kung (dao yin) or by the arts of fighting. There are the same movements which will serve in any levels of practice.

Relaxing the body

The same exercises of strengthening allow, done differently, to relax the body. This relaxation is at first superficial, then it settles down in the everyday life.

Grounding the body

By the practice of the static postures, holding the tree, we are going to be able to verify its relaxation and its strength in an unequalled method of grounding.

Work on the breath

Identify the breath

Before going further into the breath work and because of our crazy city-dweller’s life, it is necessary for us to look at our breath before being able to play with. Most of us live in half an apnea as soon as we go out in the street.

Conscious abdominal breath

By this abdominal, natural and original movement, we find little by little young the usage of our lungs. The exchange with the universe finds itself slowly and an incredible energy brushes us.

Conscious inverted abdominal breath

It is the breath of the action, the active movements and the exercises yang. It is a natural way to exchange and to generate more energy with the outside of the body.

Work on the spirit

In the work of regulation of the mind we shall include the listening, emotion and the intention:

Observing the functioning of the mind

To calm the mind it is necessary to go out of our capacity to produce thoughts in chain, for that it is necessary to observe it before being able to regulate it.

Regulation of the emotion by internal alchemy

It is the exercises which allow to take and to understand the emotions as a demonstration of the energy and to sublimate them.

Work on the intention

After regulating the spirit and being able to understand our emotional functioning, we feed our intention of this energy “recycled”.

Work on the energy

The energy exercises bring a free circulation of the energy in the body, but also offer a possibility of a free exchange between the inside and the outside.

Opening of the small energetic circulation

The usage of the energy is exhausting if it does not circulate freely in the whole body. Thanks to the small circulation, our energy becomes fluid, but we are Limited to play only with our own energy.

Opening of the big energetic circulation

By this practice, we establish the communication between the outside energy and the energy of our complex body/spirit. It is an inexhaustible source of energy, usable or to store.

Return has a global and free energetic circulation

After having practicing the previous exercises, and by internal processes, we are going to allow this exchange without the intervention of the will, but naturally.

The spiritual practices

The continuation of the training concerns spiritual practices which all use what we studied before. But we shall see that somewhere else …