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We must try to be happy, if only to lead by example

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Prévert was right.

The spiritual path has only one purpose: to find true happiness in the discovery of our nature and in harmony with our world. Happiness can only come from within these voids filled by a continuous and complete introspection.

We need to explore every aspect of our nature, to look closely at how we function, to firmly affirm our values ​​and commit in our world to prevail in our evolution.

The work of our body, in order to sustain us during our lives, seeks to strengthen our roots in the world and to provide a simple and fluid life.

The breathing work enables us to acquire more vitality in order to live well and  to be available to our lives and the people who fill it.

The energy work gives us the opportunity to interact with our universe, to make an exchange with every breath with the forces of our world.

The emotional work gives us an emotional stability that makes us available to our lives and to others, a stability which allows us to calm the tensions of everyday life.

The work of the mind is a royal road to spirituality, an education that teaches us the workings of our ego and of our mental, a possible door towards “the one we really are.”

The whole of this work, this Way; is only there to make us  the “most ideal human that we can be.”. Bringing us closer to this ideal, the work of development and evolution brings us true happiness, the deep joy that is inherent in our True Nature.

We live in extraordinary times where for the first time since the beginning of humanity, all the  traditions and all the spiritual teachings are available to us: we need to honor that chance by our own research and our efforts to become accomplished human beings.

Everyone can see that today we can no longer ignore our spiritual needs, even if it is a philosophy of life or a civil moral. Religion is a choice, we can choose how to celebrate and give thanks to life, but we must realize that we can not ignore the spiritual aspect that is within us.

Happiness is within our reach and nothing prevents us to reach it , but for that we need to make efforts.

This research allows us to have an appropriate behavior with people around us, our family and give us the opportunity to make real choices in our lives: this research can also be a way of philosophy or morality, but we need to take this path. Voltaire also told us “it is polite to be happy” … and this is a reality for the world around us: our joy creates a peaceful and pleasant world , while complaints and whining rotten our universe.

Let’s go together towards a world where personal and individual development, is the mold for a comprehensive and profound change: we are responsible for this world and what is happening, we must all participate.

The Way is a clear plan of what to do, in the action and reality, after choosing one’s level of participation. Go towards a Way, a philosophical tradition or a spirituality, seek and find it, do not let your life slip. For those who are already in this process, it is time to do more, to learn to make choices and deal with what is happening around you.

We must try to be happy, if only to help the world, to give the example that changes everything.