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Vulgar destinies have no horoscopes

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We say in our tradition there are three equal parts to our destiny:

– The fate of Heaven, which does not depend on us or our actions,

– The destiny of Man, manifested in the study and in our actions,
– The fate of the Earth, which depends on our environment

The fate of Heaven is characterized by the times in which we live in and all the information imposed on us by our family and its history.

It is also the place of our birth and the state of this place based on its history.

Moreover, this is when our earthly manifestation coincides with a particular arrangement of time and space, a cross between the evolution of the universe and our small contribution to Consciousness.

The fate of Heaven is studied through astrology, divinatory Yi Jing and dream work.

The destiny of Man is directly related to self-understanding and our actuation in our daily lives.

It requires to study four aspects of our existence:

– Understanding our fundamental mechanisms by introspection
– Observing our actions by the analysis of everyday life,
– The establishment of values and rules that govern our actions,
– An implementation of our responsibility in our society.

This is the work of our human destiny, which will be understood by our trends studied in the Mandate of Heaven and that are expressed by our relationship to our research, to others, to what we add to the world, and to managing our possessions and the ambition that we nurture in our life.

It is the practice of Traditional Medicine and the knowledge of the I Jing of practice that teach us how to better live our life.

The fate of the Earth is observing how the shape and energy of the place where we live will influence our existence.

It means choosing our dwelling and the location of our profession, but also balancing the possible stagnations related to geomancy.

This study is that of Feng Shui, of the veins of the dragon and the Yi Jing Feng Shui.

The practice can completely sublimate the destiny of Man, which is a third of our reality.

The study of feng shui can adjust our location in space-time to the best and enables us not to endure the changes of the world, but to go with them.

The study of astrology enables us to know a little something of what we are at risk for at times without really giving us solutions: this is more a set of warnings than solutions.

But, as we say, ‘forwarned is forearmed’ !

In addition, the knowledge of the Yi Jing is everywhere, so it seems important…

The sum of all this knowledge is the Way of our Tradition.