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Three Doors to Scrutinize the Frame of Existence

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In traditional Taoism, Luck is a complex issue, which may require a study.

We talk of a luck that is given to us, one that we need to understand and a last one to be cultivated.

The fact is that all this can be a deep work to understanding the world and it’s existence.

Why “work” on our luck chance when in our glittering West says “you have it, or not”?

The Taoist vision of the human being between heaven and earth is clear, it asks us  to look at the Heaven, the Earth and Ourselves, the filling of the “Cosmic Sandwich”.

We will see that even if the vision of luck may seem uneven or frozen, every aspect that we understand can be used to better live one’s life: once again, we are responsible for our lives.

There is no need to hide or lie, shirk or sulk, pretend or cheat… Our life and its complexity remains the same, our work to be happy too.

The only way to be truly happy comes from within, from our gaze and our perceptions of the world, but it is possible to give a sense to it all, to use Luck in its three aspects.

The concept of Luck in Taoism is threefold:

  •     The Luck of Heaven
  •     The Luck of Man
  •     The Luck of the Earth

The Luck of Heaven is what we have been given, a subtle mixture of a forgotten choices, of family mixtures and of an heavenly destiny.

This luck we can understand through being delivered one’s Celestial Mandate and through understanding it.

Learning how to computing one’s Celestial Mandate allows us to see the mechanisms of what was given to us, and the means to interact with this given.

From this work, it is possible to attain a better coordination with the Universe and a better timing for our actions… The calculation of beneficial dates, the Forecasts and other practical work.

This is the ultimate understanding of non-resistance, Wu Wei, the ability to work actively with the fluidity of one’s existence in the world changes.

What is our responsibility through our family, everything you wear without having chosen it, is one aspect of our Luck of Heaven: indeed, we only deserve an incarnation by accepting to carry it’s weight.

It is often difficult to accept what is forced on us, but it is the fairest and most perfect way for our lives. That does not mean it’s a party every day …

Exceeding our innate family burden is the base of a work on the Celestial Mandate: how can I pretend to understand the Way of Heaven if I can not even overcome its earthly manifestations?

The delivery of the Mandate of Heaven is an important moment, which can be done several times, and that requires much thought and a good deal of acceptance.

It is then possible to calculate or ask for Rectification of it, a series of very specific traditional councils, depending on the structure of one’s personality, to go directly confront the disappointments of one’s incarnation.

Rectifying this is a provisional draft of what the Judge of Feng Du will present us before the Mirror of Contemplation: a precise work to do now or later in the workshops planned for this purpose…

The forgotten choice does not really concern us here

The Luck of the Earth is the Feng Shui and the complex attributes of the “dragon veins”.

In understanding the flow of energy, the harmony of forms and the relationship of certain individuals with certain places, we can learn to live in places that suit us and adjust those that annoy us.

The classic appearance and meticulous science of Xuan Kan Yu, the classical Feng Shui, will allow us to study the four aspects of traditional geomancy

  •     The compass and its advice
  •     Time and space according to one’s mandate
  •     Adaptation to natural forms
  •     The flow of Qi according to the other three aspects.

This will explain why we always train in the same place, why we always fight in some places and why people should avoid living together.

Accepting our life imperfections, the Luck of the Earth, merges us in the “post natal” world changes, but tries to teach us about unification.

This work on the world around us is by far the most complex, but also the most systematic and the most structured: by just applying the rules, it is surprisingly feasible.

But what remains within our reach, is obviously the Luck of Man, it is our practice, our search of knowledge of ourselves.

This practice must be global and be perfectly aligned with the other two Lucks, Heavenly and Earthly.

The full vision of our presence in the world, of the facets of our incarnation, of the world around us, of the complexity of the changes of the world and the shadow of our immortality, all this is the subject of our study.

It is a breath of sustainability that leads us in this daunting task, a desire to overcome our worldly simplicity and to aspire to something else than what is bright and sweet.

This work is the encounter with what is Greater, with what makes the world works, with the origin of our willpower.

This traditional view is really suited to today’s world,  it just asks to remain open and available to the teachings and to searching.

As my understanding of my various Lucks is assimilated, the more I know what I need to do, the more my corrections are active in this life, the more my days are fluid: I consciously go toward my own happiness and it is possible for me to irradiate that on my loved ones.

These Lucks are potentials, it is possible for me to unlock, exceed and enjoy

Again, responsible for my happiness and the happiness of my family, it is possible to shape one’s world: brighter and more free.

    “Act as free men, not as men who make freedom as a pretext for evil”
    Epistle of St. Peter