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The Spirit of Changes

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The traditions that we study share some similarities:

the pursuit of clarity: to know yourself;
–  the work on relaxation: to act simply with accuracy,
Adaptability in the world: go with life.

But also an openness to the possibilities of change: the force of the Yi Jing manifested.

If it is difficult to judge on oneself’s own clarity or supposed relaxation, it is quite easy to know where one is in practice and life by the other two.

Adaptability in the world confronts us with our ability to seize the right moment to do things and is expressed by the fluidity or the difficulties we encounter in our daily lives.

The opening is even more obvious: it gathers our ability not to dwell stupidly on our fantasies and our quality to welcome the changes proposed by the world around us.

It is quite common to stay stuck in sick habits and frozen situations where our comfort is our ignorance.

The changes which are one’s owns are painful are those of the world difficult to accept.

Any disturbance in the habits is perceived as a threat or a crisis situation.

This is all related to Fear and the obesity of the ego.

Since we enter a period of great transformation and change, it is good to work on this quality of openness, in order to be available to the changes of the world.

This will help to avoid feeling one’s own world to collapse if the colours of the walls change…

It is important to look at what is related to Fear and what is related to the ego, but the fact is that these two reasons have only an illusory reality.

In the practice, the focus is put on oneself and on a research of accomplishment: gossip is not a quality!

What will determine one’s ability to open is to be found in the balance between a clear mind (and who knows when it’s useful to speak) and saving capacity of letting go.

Good practice to all and shall your mind remain open.