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The importance of Reality in the Immorality of the Mundane

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The Practice is the search for self, in the world, in relation to others.

Wether it is religious, mystical, philosophical or atheist, the process of introspection, observation and interaction is based on a work on the self. 

In observing oneself in action, in our daily lives, it is possible to improve our behavior every day.

It is too rare to question the value and importance of this type of teaching and research. 

The Practice we are talking about here is a Way of Life, adapted to humans of yesterday as well as today, a Way that finds its place in the world by living as close as possible to the ideal we have of ourselves.

This conscious approach must be done daily, it is a work of every second.

Many people find it boring, oppressive, to have  to practice every day, they want more freedom and flexibility.

They want to do what they want, when they want, without pressure.These “free” practitioners are often those who complain of the way, those who criticize the effectiveness of the tradition, such as the ignoramuses with a piece of technology that surpasses them.

And there are those who work and are silent, those who do: they do not complain, they practice.

The Sacred you give to the Practice, the importance that you attach to it, is the source of what you will reap.

The more you treat this research with serious and discipline, the more you’ll get back. Let’s be honest: you’ll get what you put into it.

In case you are engaged in a way that does not suit you, a tradition that is not what you want, be strong:


 If you are not really honest with yourself and with your choice of practice what do you believe that this Way will offer you?

You  must also see that you should not look at the teacher as an example of the practice, he is the vector of it: the more he practices himself, the more you see the Way through him. 

The experience of the teacher only concern him, his experiences are his own and copying them will be of no use to you.Your search is on yourself, on the profound discovery of your reality and the observation of your life: what do think you’ll learn by mimicking and pretending?

Be engaged in a personal and sincere research with other members of your group, move without worrying about others and without comparing to each other.

The discipline you put in the withholding of judgment; in personal commitment, and in managing the priorities of your life, will give you the result you’ll get from your Way.

Obviously this is difficult, of course it is not easy, and fortunately it requires a genuine effort: what do you learn without effort? 

What is results of nothing…? Not much! 

In this time of change and upheaval, in this time of questioning and questioning of values, only introspection and healthy interaction with each other can bring lasting happiness.

You know what does not work, you can try lying to yourself, but you know.

Let’s clarify our attitude, rectify our actions, agree to be responsible for them and let’s walk on a Way that changes our lives.

Again, if we pretend, mimic or lie, practice will only bring frustration and wasted time. 

This search for understanding of self, others and the world is a natural tendency of our nature, a desire to go further for an invigorating conscience of living. 

Again, you’ll get from your practice what you put in, you will change depending on your efforts, there’s no magic for the couch potato, no transformation for the tourist.

Choose, but apply your choice: it is not advisable to complain if we are behind our deficiencies, behind our ills. 

There is something transcendent in the Practice, it can profoundly change who you are and how you live your life, but it must be given a place of choice. 

It’s like a mover who is not allowed space to work or who is not allow access to all the rooms: he’ll clean and clear only that which is available.

Involvement in a Way is a choice, but also an opportunity: serious Practices are rare.

If you are in a personal quest to know yourself and allow yourself to better interact with others and the world, are you aware of the importance of it?

In this new year, it is time to realize the importance that one wants to give his path, his life, not by ad hoc research of ephemeral pleasures, but the attempt to live better by building a better world.

However, it is possible to do nothing and be led by the worldly, to seek the bright, without going any further … 

But then we must accept what life sends us.