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The devil’s greatest ruse

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There is a danger in practice, a normal phenomenon, but one that is a source of wasted time. If our Way allows us to develop our body, our mind and our general circulation, it also develops the Ego. This swelling of our Ego will cause several problems, and can even stop us in our evolution.

The worst that can happen is for us to believe that we have understood, to feel that we’ve “got it”. By definition, the Way is an endless journey, an evolution without limit.

It may be that in the perception of a growing strength, we become a silly and threatening idiot, as it is possible that in the minor understanding of some truth of the practice, we turns into a presumptuous chatterbox.

The Way is a school of life that enables us to better interact with each other, to go towards a happy life and to have a deep sense of the changes of the World … it is not a “factory of pompous morons.”

You, involved practitioners, do not let your ego take you to the dark side of the Way, do not let your mind take you to the trivial meanness of vanity, resist the “crass stupidity” which already has many recognized advocates.

It is possible to really feel different through practice, this difference is not always an accomplishment… It is a passage. These successive passages will lead you to a clearer understanding of yourself. This process is not to the liking of your mind, your ego, it directly threatens your characters and your worldly lies.

The best defense is to make you believe that you have arrived, that the Way has no secrets for you anymore, that you are nearing accomplishment…

Good news: total accomplishment does not exist!

We are often in our worldly cares and only sometimes in moments of partial consciousness, but sometimes we taste, through practice, moments of unity and wholeness. Accomplishment is a state where these proportions are reversed, that is to say that we always work with a residue of the “moron” we were once.

The more your practice settles in, the stronger you become, the more it is important to be aware of the importance of the relationship with others. It is in relation to the world that you express your ability of the Way in Life, not in your head or in your basement.

It is important in everyday life to enjoy the benefits of the Way and not to let the “simple minded” bother you. However, it is not necessary to be dismissive, pompous or imbued with yourself.

We practice a Way in Life, a practical education to better take advantage of the Changes of the World, with others. Without going into a search of unnecessary socializing, relationships with others is a review of the quality of our evolution.

In this time of spring in this strong and often poorly controlled energy, it is easier to see our misbehavior, vain and pedantic.

This anger, this frustration that we can feel towards everyone, this feeling of superiority or of difference, all these phenomena related to our persona “we the practitioner (or practitioner),” all this is based on our weaknesses and our Fear.

In this state of acute swelling of the ego, nothing can change, nothing can grow. One can spend several years in this state, but you can also decide that you are right once and for all… And then it is no longer possible to progress.

It is often very difficult to know where we are, to look at oneself without prejudice, however all others around us are aware of it. In the Way, it is the job of the Teacher, yet you must talk to him…

“The greatest trick the devil is to make us believe that he doesn’t exist” Baudelaire said, let us not be fooled by this dark side of our mind.

Practice in an exemplary openness and relaxation, observe your relation to others, and the characters and the lies which are spread, the emotions projected into an often innocent world . Do not accept to be dominated by a jealous and fearful ego mind anymore, react and accept the long road that goes nowhere…

“The Way is practiced on a Cycle (of Jing) to be understood,

It is refined on the next cycle to be integrated

The third cycle enables to control one’s destiny,

Finally disappeared, it is possible to live. “

That’s it.