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Tempus Fugit !

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“The fate of man on earth is that of a soldier,
    His days are those of a mercenary.
    As a servant earnestly desireth the shadow,
    As the worker looks for his wages ,
    So I have to possess months of pain , I have my lot of nights of suffering.
    I lie down, I say, When I get up to ? When finish the night ?
    And I am full of agitations until daybreak .
    My flesh is clothed with worms and clods of dust ,
    My skin is broken and dissolved.
    My days are swifter than a weaver’s shuttle ,
    They vanish : more hope !
    Remember that my life is a breath! My eyes do not see happiness. “

Job 7

We are in a period of change which requires to be particularly attentive to one’s actions and values.

It’s time to make the Way spill on the other, on the world : it is time to share and to engage in the positive evolution of our universe. 

The Evolution of All depends on the Evolution of Each:The Profound Change of the Group must go through an Awakening of the Individual. 

The upheavals of the group, which reacts and is indignant can only bring a fragile change of society, the same cycles are constantly repeated. 

For a profound change, for a stable evolution of our world, we must go through a personal effort of self-transformation. 

The challenging our prejudices, the search for a better personal functioning, an increased knowledge of the other, an involvement in the world and a better observation of our world will allow this. 

Above all, we must accept to change, to evolve : let’s recognize that we do not know everything and that we need to move towards a better and that we have to work on it.

Our imperfections, our pathological ways, all this can go towards a better, a realization of our human potential. 

Let’s accept that we can take care of ourselves better, that we can change certain behaviors with others, that our work can also be a source of joy, that nothing is fixed… we can change everything in our lives if we want to. 

We are human beings, we have physiological, respiratory and mental workings: insofar as we try to better understand its functions, we will know what to do to better function.

Why not take advantage of our existence as human beings 
and have the best experience possible ? 

Let’s enjoy our life fully, realizing ourselves and improving our consciousness: let’s know our strengths and our weaknesses to highlight the first and fix the second. 

Let us not just settle down for what is, but let’s tend toward the ideal of what we can be instead… and for that we need to work on the aspects of what makes us human. 

If we understand this need to work on ourselves, to try to improve, we have taken the first step.

This first step is crucial, it determines our ability to seek evolution, it is our strength to change what does not suit us in our lives, in our interactions with others and in our daily lives.

Without this awareness, we will not move away from our habits and we will remain in an imperfection seen as a punishment. 

We can not be perfect, it is also the beauty of our incarnation, 
but we have to go towards it and never stop evolving. 

Then comes the personal practice : it’s pretty simple. 

We are an entity body/mind/vitality, an ensemble body/mind that has the breath of life . 

It is therefore possible to work one’s body, breath and mind, to operate at our full potential. 

Nothing spiritual or new age here: if our body works better, if we know the rules of life to better take advantage of it, our life is easier. 

Much of our health problems come from our bad habits and our abandonment of our body… we just have to have the knowledge and do it, to solve this.

The practice of breathing is natural: without breathing, life is less fun … 

But a practice of conscience in the breath allows a better understanding of it and a quickly increased vitality. 

Without mentioning the physiological effects that are a demonstrated reality, of a conscious breath work, the pleasure of spending time breathing calmly is a great opportunity. 

The work of the mind is not meditation, it is just the training of the functional components of our mind. 

Without going into deep detail, training the mind allows a more available spirit, more stable emotions and a better grip of the world.

 The clearer our perception of the world,  the best it is possible to see the realityand the changes of the world and to streamline one’s life. 

The work on oneself combines all of these aspects : body, breath and mind. 

The work of one’s profound qualities depends on this work. 

This evolution of our own nature will allow to better know the other : our relationships with others will result. 

In addition, learning specific lessons (bazi , for example), can allow us to understand how personality types work and to interact intelligently with them all. 

A better relationships with others, an effort of behavior even with people you do not understand, sharing with everyone, all this shapes a nicer world around us. 

In this relational effort, we act directly on the positive evolution of our universe.

We are in a period where sharing is an obligation: we must be willing to give to those who need it. 

Selfishness is not acceptable, the times demand evolving and opening to others. 

We must give, especially the rest of us, the ” lucky ones”, we can not close our eyes to what can happen either in front of us or 5000 km away from home. 

Our commitment is needed to develop ourselves. 

Let’s move towards each other, share, give… time is no longer to eyes wide shut, it is our duty as a human being to act now. 

All this confronts us to the need to properly observe the world : not staying focused on oneself, but reacting and reflecting on possible actions. 

Let’s look at the realities of our world, it’s injuries and evolution to act in the best sense : let us set to this important task for our next days. 

We are at the end of another Cycle, in a bigger cycle that accelerates, it’s time to do more.

We are Responsible for the Way the World will Evolve !

    He who knows how to walk (in the Tao ) does not leave traces , one who speaks does not commit mistakes ;
    Those who can count do not use calculation tools ;
    He who knows how to close (something) does not use a lock, and it is impossible to open ;
    He who knows how to bind (something ) does not use ropes, and it is impossible to unbind.
    Hence the Holy constantly excels in saving men, which is why he does not abandon the men.
    He constantly excels in saving people , which is why he does not abandon beings.
    This is known to be doubly enlightened.
    That is why the accomplished man is the master of those who are not.
    The man who is not accomplished is the aide of the virtuous man .
    If one does not esteem his master, if the other one who is not fond of whom is his help, when we would give them great care, they are plunged into blindness.
    Here is what is most important and most subtle !

Daodejing , Chapter 27