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Taoist Nutrition – Eating Consciously

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To facilitate the functioning of our body, the assimilation of food is important. It is a significant source of fatigue and our daily energy depends on a well functioning digestion.

In Chinese Medicine, the Three Furnaces – 三 膲 – (San Jiao) describe the functioning of the human body in its most important aspects: Breathing, Assimilation, Excretion.

Since the Huangdi Neijing – 黄帝内经 – (the Work of Internal Medicine of the Yellow Emperor), which is more than 2000 years old, the three furnaces are the source of acquired Qi: Breath and Food and waste disposal.

The training in our Way allows a daily breath work and  a good general circulation, it is still possible to refine further the production of Qi with a good understanding of nutrition.

Each food has a Nature, a Flavor and a way to be prepared to have the desired effect. This study enables us to mix with intelligence the products that we cook. The combination of the five elements can correct our imbalances and strengthen certain aspects of our being.

In addition, the food preparation can give even more choice effects and taste to the products in their meals. We can study the cutting technique, the tools and cooking methods to perfect our search for a better assimilation of our food. Each part of this study gives us the ability to transform or amplify the aliments in their nature or flavor.

After  the science of food association and how to prepare it, we still have to look exactly our way of cooking, the rhythms of our meals, our schedules and our bad habits.

In this understanding, we can learn to lighten the workload of our body and spare ourselves, saving a valuable energy that it is possible to invest in a more intense practice.

This study needs too many details to be presented here, but it will soon be possible to study it together.