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Refining the Spirit to see the Magick

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We often live exciting, or boring, and very busy lives, and we rush a lot.

With the reason, the intellect, having seized power since the 18th century, there is very little room left for superstition and ghost stories.

But at the same time, intuition and communion with the world are rarer, even absent in our lives: we are no longer able to look at the signs of life or the messages of the world.

Is it possible to keep living our modern life while rediscovering a part of sacred, of magic?

The sacred is a notion that allows to separate the mundane and the utilitarian from what is “something else”, not rational.

It is not only religious, but also mystical and traditional.

The magical is using, through intention, the energies of the world, within the frame of one’s attention.

It is nothing other than acting in perfect Consciousness.

Having very little relation to the sacred, we forget a part of our humanity: the Greater, the infinite part of our Consciousness.

Through practice, we ritualize a part of our everyday life, to make it slowly overflow into our  life.

But we often give to the practice, to these particular moments, a value that isn’t real: when we practice, when we leave the mundane, to enter this workspace, we are in the “sacred”.

In the realization of the energetic phenomenons, in the attention to breath, in listening to our emotions or in observing the mind, we really are in a deep contemplation of our body/mind entirety.

We are here, in daily practice, in a “Magical” space, a time apart from our daily life, and entirely devoted to the intention by the attention.

But the reality of this “magic” exists only if one becomes aware of it: the strength of our work depends of the importance that we will give it.

If the practice trains the subtlest energies, but the practitioner doesn’t particularly respect it, we stay in the ordinary (of practice).

By practicing, in all the facets of the way of spiritual evolution, the extent of the changes in our lives depends, in a large part, on the importance we give to it.

Watch how some of your personal objects and possessions have a particular importance: the special T-shirt, the right tie or the shoes of success…

The strength of these objects directly depends on the passion of “devotion” that you give them: you can do the same with every aspect of your life.

The burning incense before practice, the respect given to the teacher when you arrive, the clothes you wear for practice… All this is a way to ritualize practice.

It is important to understand that very often, the ritualization done with devices is bad because it isn’t conscious; but consciously done, it is a plus.

It is better to have no external devices, but a “modified” presence during practice.

The interest is not only that your practice will improve in terms of quality, but also that your life will open to subtler things, the signs and messages of the World.

The make a place for the “sacred”, the “magic”, the more it will manifest in your life.

Be careful, the idea is not at all to become a “spiritual weirdo, with a touch of ethereal”, but just to know how to enjoy all of our human capacities available in our consciousness.

For all the volatility, instability or mimicry outbursts, the teacher is here to take you back (quickly) on the Way…

The more the practice becomes spiritual, the more the ways of doing things have to be down-to-earth, but the more the practice is present in your life, the more this awareness has to be part of it too.

The practice is not gymnastics, but if you treat it as such, it becomes so.

The basic exercises are gymnastics, but if you give them a greater value through a particular attention and a serious commitment, they become “something else”.

This is a good reason to stop chuckling, whining and chatting during the course, to stop having a bad posture or being without a care in the world: this moment will give you what you put in it.

You are directly responsible for what you will acquire in the practice: give it its right place, a serious commitment, and you will enhance what is given to you.

Today’s world does not like what is magical, what can’t be explained, but at the same time the most advanced researches in the most advanced sciences force us to look at infinity in the eyes.

Let’s give the sacred a place back in our lives and we’ll give it a place in the world back.