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One the Way, dragging one’s feet

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It is rare to dare to enter a Way, but it is even more rare to be able to stay on it.

The awareness that comes from the beginning of a practice can not be forgotten. Anyone who starts a search can not forget it. We can try to hide it, but it is still there.After assimilating an information, it stays in our knowledge… We can not forget it. We’re talking about realization, not the details of daily life.

In the eyes of one’s life,  body and mind, meeting a richer reality requires more intense introspection. We are all sufficiently attached to ourselves and our image to put this information into what is important.

Sometimes life takes us away from this practice, but the case remains open and the issues, pending.Despite this, and for various reasons, many beginning practitioners walk out of their Way, out of the education they receive. This return to the mundane, without practice, is often an abandonment, an escape. In addition, there are also those who will practice a thousand teachings at a time without really doing anything, reminding us of  the story of the little mouse …

The issue of time is also often raised, but did not have an hour to spend in the day?Obviously, this requires to establish clear priorities.

There are two facets of the practitioner.In those who practice, there is the “good practitioner” and there’s the other one.

The good practitioner is this self image, the “spiritual one”, who is on a Way. Then their is the one who knows all, our ego, and everything that we hide from everybody else.

In this dark side, there is all the “dirty” and “nasty”, everything that we try not to show in our personality, our public persona.It is difficult not to give in to the one who is right, who knows everything … because it is the one that shows that  we are right, that we are superior, important.

As long as our practice doesn’t enable us to give up these two facets of ourselves, as long as we hide behind our persona, as long as we believe we are important and intelligent, as long as we feel upset or defensive, then we are only in our illusion.In this ill being, the research will move from pleasure to pains, without stability, without root, without peace.In reality, we are not neither the good practitioner nor our compulsive thoughts, we are what is deep down, what we do not know is there.

This silent witness, this presence, this true spirit is our research.The Way allows us to go toward this meeting with ourselves, deeply and without compromise.Is the solution in the constant practice?

Yes, but it is in a practice that is fused to life and not in an  artificial practice that covers it.It is possible to practice to escape life, the mundane. It is not advisable to do this,we have to walking reality to go toward “who we really are”.

A practice that escapes life is the source of “spiritual ego”, a new facet of self, a spiritual persona. An Intelligent teaching leads to a practice that is designed to go in life, without ritual, without artifice.

With an understanding of the Way, we erase the limits of the practical and of life, we fuse the two, and only remains a life in the presence of a Way and a Way fused to life.We need a clear practice, aimless, but whose form is determined.

We need to work on areas that give rise to the “one we really are”, whom is too often struggling  against our worldly character. It is therefore necessary to work on the body for relaxation, energy flow for health and our mind to stop taking ourselves seriously as soon as possible.

There is no question of calling it to “later” when “we will have time,” when “I’m ready” … We must begin now, while we can.

From that moment, it is possible to put one’s attention on what we are doing, on the gaze we have on our actions, but also to ensure that we will practice our chi kung tonight … The practice  exists now.

It is possible to go into a practice knowing the importance of it, but “dragging one’s feet”.

It is because we listen to our false importance, to our precious personality, to our desire to be right … we just have to turn our attention to it.

Looking at ourselves, contorting ourselves in an often falsely complex daily life, in moments of painful illusions and useless brooding, we can observe and mock ourselves.

This healthy look on our ordinary madness opens a route towards our Way, a glimpse of reality.

In this simple Awakening, without fanfare or fireworks, we can stay in life and keep practicing every moment.

This relaxed but constant attention, enables us to put order in our lives every day.In case we think ourselves as being really relaxed and quiet, reaching the goal,  victorious of our ego… The teacher will be there.