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“Monkey Mind” : Tourment of our Perceptions

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We are constantly in connection with a noisy part of our mind that comments, judges and compares everything that we perceive.

This internal “little judge” prevents us from living fully our senses, as a negative filter in front of a camera lens.

This “integrated” commentator  is a sure way to always continue to “fabricate thought.”Our mind is a tool that can be useful, but unfortunately it is often we that are in the service of the tyrant.

It is not useful to think our perceptions, it is very tiring to do so, it is a serious waste of energy

“This is normal” you will tell me, it is absolutely normal to think constantly, it is what makes us human. And yet, many people in different cultures and living on this earth at this moment do not think the same thing.It is normal for us Westerners, to think all the time, just as it was normal for the inhabitants of Easter Island to fell trees in order to worship their gods or for the Inca to sacrifice young women.In the moment it seems to be the only “right” way to live, but that’s because we do not know anything else. And well, the Taoist Way offers us return to the perception, to silence and relaxation.

We have different “facets” that we present to others, we have our inner voice that comments our every move and we have something else … this Observer can sometimes realize our conduct, before being himself commented by our mind and its compulsive thoughts.

The Daoist give a name to this “sicko” who speaks constantly in our minds: the Monkey Mind. As a young insane ape, this entity will pounce on every perception and every thought to make a little more of it, like a treat.

We have all already seen a madman in the street or the subway, speaking to himself. We often tell ourselves “… it’s sad.” Well, at the bottom  of it, we’re not so different from him…We do not do it loudly, but we are in the same dynamic.

We can even sometimes think so strongly that the body, deprived of energy and attention, remains paralyzed, dazed.

Motionless, we dedicate all our attention and force to the frenzied character that saturates our mind with noise.

Many traditions speak of this, some call this part of the mind: ego.What is the ego? It is the attachment to the character that we believe to be.

The ego is the strength of our individuality that wants to be important, it is the way we capture the world.Einstein, who was clairvoyant, said that the ego is the “optical illusion of the mind”. We need the mind to act in everyday life, but much less than what we think.

One could even go further by assuming that the ego is only useful at the beginning of our evolution only in order to be overcome.

We have obviously been stuck in this stage of evolution for some time, knowing that the Daoists already talked about this 4000 years ago…

For some years now, the rebirth of spiritual movements has given us the opportunity to have the information to do the job: getting rid of our ego mind and going to a different ethical life.

The source of our ego is our “box”, a set of concepts and prejudices that accrues from moment we start being aware of our name. Around the child’s development, people will qualify, criticize or praise the little one who will take a good portion of the information as “valid and serious”.

In agreement or reaction, in the need to be important and different, the rest of the development of the psyche (mind) will be done by accumulating and adding information.

This conceptual morass, federated by the importance of our name, will create us a nice ego that wants to survive … for that,  it has at his disposal the mind.

The creation of compulsive thinking will help to keep the ego in a noisy well being by setting the clear limits of an “acceptable” personality.The desire to be right, to be important, to shine and win are ways to strengthen our ego and to make sure of its strength.

The confrontation with what has no limits, the infinite, or non-duality or to the fact of not being the most important thing in the universe … All this is a threat to our ego.

Spiritual paths seek this freedom in the acceptance of a union with world and the ephemeral nature of the human being… it’s not going to please our Monkey Mind.We all experienced an “empty mind”, a silence when seeing something beautiful, a pleasure which short-circuited the mental mind…

But that was commented in the following second not to lose foot, not to lose our limits.

The Practice seeks to install these moments in place of our alienated mind and use our mind in the framework of  its function: thinking.

Here you are for an introduction to this madman that dominates our minds