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Lost in the Fields

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It is important, in a personal journey, not to get lost in the teaching’s technicality and to know how to keep our real goals in sight.

Whatever the Way, it offers progression techniques for a successful evolution: it is possible to end up perfecting the techniques of the school, forgetting our own progress.

There’s no need to be a good representative of one’s school to be a good practitioner, there’s no need to be a good practitioner to be happy and being happy only requires knowledge of oneself and of one’s world … Which is explained in one’s Way.

What are the facets of self-discovery?

There is the body which has to be firmly rooted in physical reality, to be relaxed and flexible, while remaining strong and long-lasting. A body which has to be connected to the breath and the spirit as much as possible. This is the practice of the body.

There is the breath which is linked with emotions, and has to move freely for everything to go well. The awareness of this general circulation enables its fluidity. This is the practice of the breath.

There is the spirit which is less known than we think: the very fact of knowing its internal mechanisms through personal experience allows us to live better with our mind. This appeasement coming from alertness is the practice of the mind.

So we have to move a bit (at least with consciousness), to breathe carefully and watch ourself thinking… and that’s all!

All the advanced techniques are only means to reach these qualities in one way or another … Techniques have to be overcome to be useful. Any practice which is based on a technique is not in its final stage, the result always has be in the natural, the lively, the simple.

But it is a natural which is educated, worked, polished.

Be careful with the search of the secret or advanced technique or with focus on the tool rather than the goal: the Way is long, it is not useful to extend it or to add sideroads.

Return to the simple, understand the trap of the secret technique and free yourself from the expectations of the hidden … it doesn’t exist: what is hidden in your practice is something that is already right in front of you and that you haven’t understood yet.

This is where the master is useful.

Indeed, if everything is so simple, why not make a one hour seminar and say everything clearly, then everyone says “oh yes, so that’s it” and we just have to practice by ourself? .

The problem for the practitioner is that what happens in his practice will distract him from his path, a little bit like a fool walking on a path full of butterflies: he spends his time watching, hunting and comparing the butterflies instead of going where he is supposed to go. This is why many practitioners, isolated by choice or by the will not to commit, will become experts in butterflies, lost in the fields, but firmly convinced of their evolution. The great strength of the fool is the weakness of his lucidity supported by a fair amount of various illusions.

The master will put him back on the path, show him again where to go, patiently listen to his ravings, show him again where he has to go and reassure him about his performances, while showing him, again, where to go.

Let’s go back to the important work, the simple work of self-accomplishment and let’s not lose our Way, our path.

The teacher is here to guide us, but we walk on the path by ourself.