If you would like to join the Da Xuan tradition or enroll in any of the online courses,
please contact Serge Augier directly via email only.


The distance training program is a complete traditional teaching, taught gradually through videos. Mr Augier has been doing this for the last 15 years with great success. The advantage of starting with a full year of training is that you can train and follow the videos at your own pace with very precise courses that follow the traditions of the Da Xuan School of Daoism. It’s a perfect balance between theory and practice.

In the fundamental practices, you will study Wai Gong (physical exercises), Nei Gong (internal exercises), Nei Dan (internal breath alchemy) and Shen Gong (mind training and meditation). These simple but critical practices will build your internal power and the center for the Internal Alchemy. The good news is you can already start training these main aspects with your first video!

As soon as you are registered in the School, you have the option to purchase more  teachings from a video catalogue of more than 2000 videos, including:

  • Taijiquan Yang and Li Style
  • Xinyiquan from Li Cun Yi lineage
  • Baguazhang from Zhang Zhao Dong
  • Daxuan Family Boxing (Natural Style) 
  • Neigong: for health and internal power
  • Neidan: Traditional Internal alchemy
  • Traditional Daoist Feng Shui
  • Ba Zi: Pillars of Destiny
  • Zi Wei Dou Shu: Astrology
  • Daoist Medicine
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Daoist Dream Training
  • Ze Ri: Best Dates Selections
  • Daoist Yi Jing: Understanding the Book of Changes

and so much more…visit the courses page for more information.

Mr Augier receives a lot of emails, so please make sure to look around the website here and read the information that is already available before you send your email! Once you are ready to join, please make sure to include which courses you are interested in.

To become part of the Da Xuan school, a yearly contribution of €1000 is required (payments via PayPal ‘friends and family’). This will get you access to the most important and fundamental practices, constant email contact with Mr Augier (ask as many questions as you like!), contact via video-call, and you can attend the training days in Paris if you are able. All of the other courses are optional and require further payment which varies depending on the particular course.

Ready to join? Send your email to:

Once you have joined you will need a free account at vimeo.com for videos and to follow Serge Augier A.K.A. “Urban Daoist” : https://vimeo.com/urbandaoist

The first videos are simple and everything evolves gradually. To build a strong foundation you must have patience and practice the basics, it is the best way to progress quickly!

Students of the school will need to register for access to the private Da Xuan forums where they can keep up to date about all of the teachings and other opportunities: 

If you are around, there are three days of training every month in Paris: two Saturdays, and a day on Wednesday which are always indicated on the school forum. You are welcome to join us if there are any spaces left.

You will also receive a monthly newsletter with teachings and stories from Mr Augier and the other students of Da Xuan.

Lao Shi Association

Mr Augier and the students of Da Xuan raise money to support the old masters, many of whom are struggling in rural areas of China and unable to afford basic amenities. Money raised by the Lao Shi Association goes towards paying for medical bills, housing and other essentials for the Masters who are still keeping the ancient traditions alive.

We must share in order to help others! Let’s repay the Older Teachers, now  forgotten by all, for the treasures and priceless knowledge they have once given us.