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“What is it then, brethren? When you come together , everyone he has a hymn, or a statement, a foreign language, a revelation, an interpretation ? Let all things be done for edification. ”

Corinthians 14 : 26

We live in an extraordinary world, in fact for the first time since the beginning of humanity all the traditions and all the teachings are at our disposal.

All this information at our disposal, it is also more confusion and a great temptation to be distracted rather than a maturing through a sincere practice.

Not only all the information is at our disposal, but the world itself is in a big change, at the end of a cycle, at a time when anything can happen, whether it is the best or the worst.

In this profound change in our environment, we are directly implicated, directly responsible, closely linked to the evolution of our world.

In this era where it has become difficult to take responsibility of one’s actions, where it is fashionable to blame others for our sins, we have a role to play in choosing the world of tomorrow and become its active participants.

It is time to put aside the complaints and grievances and to shape together our immediate environment.

As practitioners of a spiritual path, researchers of the human condition, we have even more responsibility and more of a role to play.

Our way encourages us to know ourselves and go towards the other with more openness, with a developed empathy and a recognition of human qualities.

This interaction with the other will directly affect the quality of my environment, these relationships that weave my universe.

But we must go further, we need to work on our immediate environment, we need to seek to develop a greater harmony in our houses, our neighborhoods, our cities, our countries.

Some interactions are not chosen, they are related to my work and to the demands of my life, but through a better understanding of others, through the study of psychology and of the interaction between people, it is possible to go in the direction of non-resistance, to apply the way of Taoism to the least playful moments of my day.

For this purpose, what are the tools available to me?

Above all, there is the work on oneself, understanding one’s qualities and defects, the path of introspection that allows us to know ourselves.

Through this work, over time, we will develop a deeper understanding of ourself and by extension of the other.

By learning and through the exercises of the Bazi, a precise science of the study of personality types and their interactions, we will know how to get our message across and how to appreciate the information provided by others.

This knowledge of the pillars of wisdom, of the pillars of destiny ,help us to see our blocks and limitations as well as those of the others.

We can thus understand how to convey information and how to assimilate another based on our common faults and using our known qualities.

The Bazi is the solution for an easier communication and the disappearance of misunderstandings between people who are struggling to understand each other: it is an essential tool for our relationship to the world.

In addition it is possible to arrange the world, one’s apartment or office, one’s house or garden, to be in line with who you really are, or what you want to do.

This is another ancient science: the Feng Shui !

The study of the influence of our immediate environment, of the forms of nature, of the movements around us, but also of the cycles of time, all this allows us to better integrate ourselves and to better find our place .

It is thus possible to perform one’s work with greater ease, to boost the chances of one’s success, but also to open up more opportunities.

It is therefore important to work on yourself, to strengthen his body and your mind clear, but also to develop your vitality.

To go further, you can also turn to the Taoist astrology, the  Ziwei Du Shu, which is a more esoteric study of which the practical aspects are harder to see.

In contrast, the art of selecting dates and the morphopsychology provides a major advantage in one’s ability to interact with one’s environment.

Non-resistance is primarily the subtle art of blending in the changes of the world and it has nothing to do with immobility or paralysis.

The Taoist teachings of our school are based on the principle of the Human being between Heaven and Earth, a work of the Body, of the Breath, and of the Spirit, but also a work of human qualities to be able to turn to the Heaven (astrology) and to the Earth (geomancy) .

Sometimes it is good to realize that the work on a path of spiritual evolution is not only a way to get stronger or healthier, to develop one’s own merits, but also to take an active part in the responsibility of the construction of the world.

Today despite the proliferation of modern means of communication, the constant videos and the unnecessary and constant feedback, people have never had so much trouble to talk to each other.

Being on a Way, in a tradition or a personal research, it is trying to do better, to understand, to share.

Let’s use every mean given by our tradition, all the results of the research we’ve done, everything that can help to shape a better world, everything that can encourage people to also enjoy the spiritual aspect of the human being.

Acedia is a disease of today more than ever and if the human being does not look at the Heavens he is amputated of half of his capabilities.

The spiritual is also the imagination, the dreams, the aspirations and this great capacity the human being has to move forward, whatever the conditions.

When we make a daily effort to better our behavior, when we try to share honestly with someone of our environment, it is impossible not to see a rapid evolution of our world.

The study of the spiritual paths should be practical, usable by all to enjoy a more fluid life and a profitable blending in the changes of the world .

Check what we study, analyze our research, let all this be practical and usable so as to not to fall into the trap of spiritual materialism or the futility of intellectual construction: a path of spiritual evolution must be practical and usable.

If today the form is in the spotlight, let’s got back to the substance in order not to lose sight of the qualities that lead to happiness.

In the waning year, it is good to make an assessment and to reflect on what is being done and to think and plan the coming year: the winter introspection is the source of dynamism in the spring.

It is good as a practitioner to ensure that we have all the tools to advance in one’s way and all of its knowledge remains practical and usable.

In the Taoist calendar, we have just finished the period at the beginning of winter, and we are now going into a particular period which is called the “small snow” : this is the beginning of the winter introspection where we must lay down the subject matter of our reflection for  for the winter solstice. (Note, this text was originally published on November 22 2013).

Learn about a practice, strengthen your research, think about your teaching or then again pray, but enjoy this time to prepare a year of dynamism and evolution.

“Once the Tao prevailed . The man followed the order of nature .
Then it happened a time when Tao was forgotten and it was then the era of human justice .
Then came the era of intelligence and skill and ambition knew no bounds.
Peace left families.
But it is in adversity that prove the dutiful son .
The state fell into disorder.
But it was during the anarchy that arise loyal servants.
Thus, the Tao is always close to the man to help him. ”

Daodejing chapter 18