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Inevitable Paradox

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– “Why do we practice? ”,
– “Why should I practice? ”,
– “What will the practice bring to me? ”
This way of asking the question, just like we would wonder what such new diet product or such new pair of shoes will bring to us, is not the best one…
The desire, expectation or projection in the success of our practice, the goal we fix ourselves or the need we seek to fill, all are exactly what the practice seeks to alleviate, what the training wants to eliminate.
To gain something, to acquire or to succeed with something will bring an inevitable disappointment: the practice never gives you what you expect.
The practice seeks to release us from the need to acquire or to gain, the training wants to make us touch a perception of the reality which brings us out of our false needs.
The practice will give us the only possible peace, the only true way towards happiness:  the Way will give us the opportunity to be happy by ourselves, a joy which comes from inside.
This realization, which comes from inside, cannot find satisfaction in an external projection, in an expectation on time or a change in the world: it is by our internal change that the perception of the world will change, that the life will become simple and without any concerns.
It is the only and true freedom, it is the only and true happiness.
This balance which leads to freedom and perception of reality, this way is internal and independent from our desires.
The desires to succeed in our way and the desires to make it well, the false choices which lead us to wish states or all that builds us sick expectations, all this clutter propels us in the external world and moves us away from our internal well-being.
The practice enables us to stop wishing to be a good practitioner, education builds us and makes us able to give up our expectations of success to be able to make a deep self-accomplishment.
The difficulty comes when by reading these lines you think: “I understand”… however it is for sure more complicated than that!
Nobody really wants to suffer, nobody wants to be the slave of his mind and nobody really wishes to depend on his desires and to suffer the related frustrations.
Our deep nature is peaceful and happy, it is what we accumulated on top which is a problem for us and it is with all these imbalances that we want to reach our happiness: our vision of the realization is built by a spirit conceived and far away from the reality.
Our practice releases us if we are able to leave our prejudices and only time will give us this chance: let’s follow the path of our personal Way and all will slowly get clearer.
There is no fast track, no short cuts, but there are complete ways and qualified teachers.
“Why do we practice?”

– To release ourselves from the desire of self realization, only because we trust our Way.