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It is sometimes justified to question ourselves about the pertinence of a spiritual practice: indeed this work turns  our inside world upside down and can bring suffering to liberate us from our sick mechanisms.

All those who have started a real research on how the human being works and on the internal and subtle mechanisms that drive us cannot lie to themselves anymore: though it is sometimes difficult to experience, it is very satisfying to understand how we work and how we can work better.

But those who let the wind push them to the right or to the left don’t have these “spiritual” worries and they just have to face some of the vagaries of life that are also part of the researchers lot…

Therefore, it is normal to ask oneself if it’s better to live in a certain ignorance of the way we work and of our spiritual aspect, to take care of “reality”, or to do things the hard way in order to finally understand how our body, emotions, mind and breath work…

In fact, this question is more relevant of barstool thinking, for one who does not believe that a part of us is “spirit-related”, mental, psychological or spiritual is of bad faith … or is one of these Neanderthals allegedly still with us …

There are now enough experiments and studies that prove the importance of the union of body, breath and mind to feel good, united and to live a life with no worries.

But we can put that aside, saying that we will take care of that later, when we have more time… Or when the fear of death, for various reasons, will organize our priorities back in order.

This idea that “we will do it later” is the same myth as the one of the room of the house or the corner of the desk that we will clean “later.”

Sometimes we clean it, out of spite or obligation, but without ever asking ourselves the right questions … As a result, the same place will be in the same state in no time!

For those who may ask themselves questions at the end of this text, a shorter version ( it may spare me some emails):

Question: Mr. Urban Daoist, should one practice?
Answer: yes, it is important, we have to.

And here is a little more thought:

How does your little child, absolutely absorbed in his thoughts, sometimes unconscious about his environment, has survived his first years of walking?

He was guided by you, who were more aware in these moments, trying your best not to lose him in the crowd or under a train.

So, the unconscious one is led by the most conscious, the one who sleeps is guided by the one who is awake …

Therefore, in my unconsciousness and the moments when I am overwhelmed by emotions, I am led by the people who are more awake than me: can we think about some medias, professional sellers, advertisements or the big large mass manipulations?

Perhaps, this is not the debate here.

However, it is good to stay conscious, conscious of what is happening inside and outside, not to find ourselves the unconscious toy of a life where the values ​​are no longer the right ones.

Practice and you will be more able to hang on to, manage, live your own life … It is a good motivation, isn’t it?