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Getting out of the Torpor

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Practice returns what you’ve invested into it, the importance you give to your Way gives it its reality and its transformation power.

We are in Way in life, which doesn’t require seclusion, nor suffering, but which requires work and involvement.

We get used to live with our fears and our decisions whirl around them: we are victims of a failure strategy where we always anticipate the worst and the negative (otherwise we would more often ask for raises, we would do more parachute jumps or we’d talk more easily to this person we like so much…).

Practice is also bound by this fear of failure : we are afraid and this slows down our evolution.

If only it was possible to get out of this anxiety of not achieving or this terror of truly changing…

Well, good news, it is!

It only depends on three things:

  • To commit oneself to a practice without expectations,
  • To communicate honestly with the teacher,
  • To be consistent on the whole.

The most difficult and the easiest : to commit oneself to a practice without expectations

It only requires to choose your Way, to get the information, to check it regularly and to set to work.

You’re going to tell me that it’s what you’re doing, you the good practitioner, except maybe the fact to ensure you’re really on the Way and not on Your way.

Well, let’s have another look at what is necessary to do :

” It only requires to choose your Way, to get the information, to check it regularly and to set to work.”

Here, It’s not mentioned criticizing others, wanting to copy them, “wallowing” in envy, “whinning” because we don’t succeed!

There’s nothing talking about obligation of time, of result, about secrets and unspoken words. Nothing showing the need to scatter or mingle.

And looking a little closerit says nothing about flaunting your needs of recognition or safety or to impress and show off.

And focusing on the details, there is nothing invoking the need to pretend or lie, to cheat or to hang out“.

No, it simply evokes a need for work based on information that is understood and regularly checked.

So easy!

Then comes : “Communicate honestly with the teacher”

It’s important to underline here the adverb “Honnestly” and to stop there…

Maybe a reminder of the idea of communication is important also : there are two ways in the communication ; one going from us to the other and, usually, a return equally substential.

Communication must not mix up with monologue, which happens in only one way (whether knowingly or not).

Communication is oral, but also at all the levels of exchange; from the most mundane and practical to the most subtle : once again, it has to be both ways.

And we’ll finish by : ” Be coherent on the whole “

Even if we are here repeating ourselves here, you really need to understand the importance of return on invest : you can get back from your Way the importance you give it.

The “sacred” depends intention, the “magical” also.

Practice only produces the fruits of your work, of the real work.

Moreover, the proclaimed importance of the teaching must also comes out in reality and in actions, not only in selfishness and self-protection.

It’s unthinkable to claim one million euros to the bank if you never deposit nothing. It’s aberrant to ask for a service to someone to whom you’re not respectful, in the same way you wouldn’t expect to get a solution from a book you have not read.

Well, Practice is the same!

If you do everything to go in the direction of what you’ve understood from the Way, your life will be transformed and the changes in the world will be made-to-measure.

If you only do a little bit, because “it’s complicated” or “it’s difficult” or “you can’t always do what you want” (my favorite); then all you get back is a superficial knowledge and maybe a t-shirt.

Furthermore you don’t trust, in one way or another, the Way becomes impracticable.

In a world where information is everywhere and where it’s possible to know all on everything, there is nonetheless not more practitioners.

In the ancient times, where everything was hidden, there was not less practitioners.

Today there is information, but people don’t want to practice anymore, whereas in the past, people wanted the access to knowledge, but the teaching was rare.

Practitioners of today, you have a great chance to be on a Way of evolution of the being: we are in moment of changes which needs it, but the success of your progression depends on these three simple instructions.

Here’s something to move in the direction of Spring…