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What does the Practice promise and what can we expect from it?

This is not the right question.

The question would rather be:

«What are we ready to give, in terms of time and efforts, to the Way for our own evolution?»
The Way yields fairly, according to what was sawn in the beginning.
Asking for something without giving is vain: the Way is an uncompromising example of it. It is through our actions on various levels that we will get something in return and that our evolution will ensue.

The more our Practice becomes “sacred” and important, the more sacred and important what we get in return.

The higher the priority of the Way in our life, the more essential its benefactions will be.

It is vain to think that discussing or talking about any topic can bring a transformation of any kind. Transformation can only happen through rooting the topic in the World, getting the concept into Yin, acting and doing.

You shouldn’t ask yourself what the Way can do for you, but what you can do for the Way ( 😉 )

This is why all practices (authentic and ancient ones) are beneficial, because all Ways lead you to the same apex (through more or less accessible paths).

Make your practice important, dedicate time and effort to it, be strongly committed… and what is provided in return is unbelievable… magical, one could say!

Secrets exist, indeed, but they are here, just before you, only waiting for you to bring them into light through your dedication, uprightness and sincerity.

Again, today, one of the students just understood an essential concept he learned more than 8 years ago…

We don’t know anymore what commitment or giving oneself to a Way mean. Nowadays, it’s even looked down upon.

But what can we expect from a tradition we question or from a teaching that raises too many questions?

It is important to put it to the test, spend a little time to check it’s appropriate for us. Then, it’s no time to haggle, whine or fantasize anymore… You need to take a plunge, learn and let changes happen.

We can pick things here and there, willing to create our own style, our own way of doing things… but seriously, what can we achieve in a lifetime, compared to thousand-year-old traditions?

Let’s keep a little humble, please!

Now you got some food for thought for summer…