The Maps of the Da Xuan School are a graphic representation of the diverse realities of Mankind between Heaven and Earth, and of their associated concepts.


The Human Map presents the structure and relationships between the different parts of the mind, and of the person’s relation with oneself, with their peers and with the world. It is also a way to associate the essential qualities and defects, vices and virtues associated with these aspects.

This teaching describes our mind and its aspects, which are separated into a structural plane, close to our deep identity on one hand, and a functional plane related to our behavior on the other.

For a real work and an actual change, these parts of the mind are accessible through the understanding of the qualities and defects, vices and virtues, which have no moralizing value but are just tools for a better understanding of the practice on oneself.

This Human Map describes with details the distribution of our personal resources, between our inner world and the experience of outside reality.

It is a model of human mind, based on the understanding of the Shen and its 5 aspects. It is used in the Da Xuan School for spiritual diagnosis, personal practice, and personal evolution, allowing you to understand and help people around you.

The Human map associates different aspects of our being with tools to understand them: the various parts of the mind, Daoist immortal archetypes, qualities, vices/virtues, hiking, shadows, psychopathologies, and more.

These teachings help you to understand how to balance the mind and respond better to life unexpected difficulties. Instead of being victim of our functioning, it shows us clearly where the problem comes from and the best way to solve it. It saves a lot of time!

This study allows a profound understanding of ourselves, the others and his own progression in the Way. This is an amazing diagnostic tool for Daoist medicine and our interaction with others.


The Mind Map represents a person’s relationship with the deepest parts of their mind, particularly the mechanisms and and interactions of their conscious and unconscious strengths. We will discover here a precise cartography of the collective mind and celestial bodies’ influences on mankind.

If the Human Map leads to better understand oneself and the personal path to achieve through the practice, the Mind Map unveils the ways to deeply transform the deep and limiting mechanisms which are the source of our imbalances.

It is also called the heaven map, and goes to the origin of the way our unconscious works and how it influences our psyche. For the Daoist practitioner of the Da Xuan School, it helps to go further into practice by getting rid of knots and deep blockages. This study gives you a better knowledge of the deep mechanisms of the mind, allowing you to experience true happiness from the inside, more accurate perception of reality and cleaning the deeply engraved pathological mechanisms. 


The Earth Map, finally, relates man to the reality of the world. If the previous maps teach the work on oneself and the nature of the mind, this latter map describes the principles of our universe according to the Daoist vision. The matter here is to integrate our world’s mutations in our life and practices in order to fuse with them and get back to One.

The Earth map is based on the potentials of directions and dates, for an understanding of space-time which is the root of changes, opening the path to more conscious choices in harmony with one’s environment.

It details the laws and rules of our environment. It is a compass which takes into account all the details of the Human Map, but adapts it to our position in the world, depending on time and seasons. It helps us to understand our environment and its influence on us and improve it if necessary, getting the best out of the fluctuations of space and time.

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