Daoist Medicine is the ancestor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). While TCM is based on balancing the patient through their personal energetic resources, Daoist Medicine expresses a more ancient vision of the deep relation between Man, Heaven and Earth. The TCM approach is based on the syndromes and their manifested origin, whereas Daoist Medicine, dives deeper at the centre of these origins.

More precisely, it goes closer to the frontier between Pre-Heaven and Post-Heaven. Pre-Heaven, the Non-Manifested world, is considered as the origin of the Post-Heaven manifestations. The incarnation process in this limited, determined reality always implies lots of blockages and imperfections which, in the context of health, will be expressed through latent or manifested pathologies.

However, if Daoist metaphysics recognizes this separation between Pre-Heaven and Post-Heaven, it also assumes that the root of one lies in the other. Thus, any incarnated individual is linked to this perfect, unlimited source. This is expressed by the concept of Yi, the Perfection or Unity.

This Unity being connected to the non-manifested reality, it bears no limitation and is freed from potential disease. The relation between human beings and this Perfection is of course a complex subject, at the core of Clanic Daoism. Each practice of this Way brings a specific vision and methods related to one particular aspect of this question, and thus Daoist Medicine looks for the reconnection of the patient to this perfect Root which is the source of his incarnation.

More concretely, if we assume that Man is constituted of Body, Breath and Mind, Daoist Medicine’s theories and practices rely on a vision with 9 aspects: 3 Bodies, 3 Breaths and 3 Minds. Daoist healing aims at awakening this connection with the third aspect of Body, Breath and Mind, which are our closest binding with the universal, perfect and unlimited energy: the Yuan.

Thus, we will use the extraordinary vessels, which are specific meridians where Yuan Qi (original energy) circulates. The Daoist Medicine practitioner realigns the patient in order to make him open and receptive to the perfect and immutable energetic exchange linking Heaven and Earth. This approach offers the possibility to come back to a balanced, neutral state lying before the emergence of physical, energetic and spiritual troubles.

The Daoist Medicine curriculum is based on the concepts studied in TCM, but with a whole new approach linked to the celestial root of Body, Breath and Mind. We can describe a few topics of this study :

  • Opening the Palms, which gathers the concepts and methods for developing energetical qualities needed by the therapist for a conscious and precise work giving practical results.
  • Opening the Doors, which describes the structural and energetic alignment methods operated by the therapist on the patient, in order to open him to the Yuan Qi connection.
  • The study of Man between Heaven and Earth : any subtle energetic practice cannot rely on bare impression and on luck. It requires a structured knowledge of the telluric and celestial influences on human psychology and organic system. This is why we study the Maps linking Man between Heaven and Earth, but also the interactions between the aspects of his mind and the Five Elements, the archetypal qualities and defects, for a diagnostic vision of the imbalances and the therapeutic solutions available.

This refined method requires that the therapist is able to express deep internal qualities. This expression of qualities is the only thing that can allow the therapist to settle the relationship between the patient and the energy of the world, without tainting it with his or her own filters. It is not about imagining, projecting, or even believing, but mostly about being able to connect to this unique state of awareness, well known by experienced adepts. This state can only be reached through a structured method, devoid of any fantasy, and a serious commitment to training.

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