We live in a time when the rational, the tangible and the logical took over our perception of the world. Yet if we look closer, there are so few people who have entirely eradicated irrationality from their lives, and most civilizations throughout the world have kept contact with the irrational and the invisible…

We are conditioned by a very small part of our mind. The rational mind: It helps define, distinguish, structure, comprehend, a vital aspect for us… but gradually it cuts us from our relation to the infinite, to the spiritual. Although the rational dominates our general perception, can we say for sure that the world as we see it is the reality?
We have all experienced these intuition moments enabling us to make the right choices, the phone calls of a person we were just thinking about …Indeed, it is perfectly possible to keep our common sense while giving space to a more subtle form of reality…

The practice of Magic is the exploration of the deep relationship between ourselves and the world, based on something other than a purely rational discrimination of internal and external life changes.

This practice pulls us out of our certainties, which are the only real limits to our personal evolution.

Going into this practice does not require you to embrace or understand a complex tradition. Besides, you may come from any cultural or religious background. You just need to accept the possibility of a subtler reality in order to observe the strange signs of life which seem to communicate a message. Embracing the subtle world and connecting to deeper spheres is possible as long as we free our minds from the power of the intellect.


Our tradition has a very detailed Magic Practice, inherited from the Wang Family, one of the 9 clans, from Kunlun and Tibet. It was recorded in Chinese history from with the first Fangshi (sorcerers) about 450 years before our time.

Daoist Magic was the specialty of my Teacher, the only 9th Grade Daoist Tianshi of the 20th Century. The Formal Teaching is deep and precise.

The strength of a serious magical practice is that the results of work on the subtle world are concrete! If the effects are invisible then it is NOT magic but only fantasy.

The Daoist Tradition distinguishes two forms of magic:

Yin magic, which is passive and all about observation with an acute attention to the changes of the world. This gives us a new perspective on the world, and a clearer vision of our place in it, understanding how to benefit from it.

Yang magic, more active, uses this observation of changes for operative purposes, action based on intention. It reveals the potential of our intention and its influence on the changes of the world.



Training the Daxuan Qualities to develop the Magic Intent.

With this course you will train:

  • The Mind for the Daoist Magick
  • Energetic for Internal Power
  • Spiritual Connection

It’s a 6 month training with a lot of information.


Learn the 3 most important Ritual of the Daxuan School:

  • Protection Ritual
  • Cleaning Ritual
  • Uniting Ritual

This training is over a year.


Learn to make the 5 most important Daxuan Talisman and how to “charge” them.

  •  Protection
  • Production
  • Luck
  • Spirituality
  • Home Protection

It’s a 6 month training.