Finding the Perfect Place at the Perfect Time

Understanding and adapting our environment

“Luan Tou”

“Ba Zhai”

“Fei Xing”

Like the Ba Zi, the teaching of Feng Shui does not traditionally follow a precise structure; here too, the student was following the master for years to let the knowledge infuse. Our study cycle of traditional Feng Shui organizes the principles of this art so that they can be understood and applied more easily.

Feng Shui means “Wind and Water”: the Wind pushes Chi, while Water stores it. This art therefore leads to a better understanding of the flow of energy in our environment, which fluctuates according to the forms, people and time. The study of these principles clarifies the mechanisms of these flows around us. This leads to the ability to better merge with it and move towards a more fluid life, but also to develop the world around us so we can achieve any given purpose.


Since the 80s, most of the articles and books for the general public are made up of a bunch of misconceptions and falsehoods which are nicely edited, for sure, but which confuse the public. These articles and popular books also discredited Feng Shui to the eyes of the people keeping common sense.

Meanwhile, many leaders of major companies have benefited from the contributions of authentic Feng Shui, like Disney, Beauty Shop, Credit Suisse, Manotel, HSBC, Bank of China, etc …

Authentic Feng Shui improves life quality and prosperity. Changes occur, you feel better, relationships get more harmonious, opportunities appear.

The fake Feng Shui, if it is often harmless and ineffective, can also disrupt lives, create the ruin and desolation when certain conditions are met, unfortunately. We fight these methods because they are abusing those who learn them, and because they can be harmful and dangerous.

Feng Shui is a complex art whose evolution spread over several millennia. Like medicine, it can be known from the public, but its proper use requires a level of knowledge beyond mere popularization. It cannot be reduced, contrarily to what we read today, to an arrangement of furniture and colors in the living room; it is the study of the relationship between the essential nature of the person and the manifested world, so that he can find the rightful place and fulfill oneself.

So, forget the easy books, the misinformation conveyed by the press and magazines (but unanimously condemned by the international community of the Masters and Experts in traditional Feng Shui)!

Our concept: a traditional and realistic approach

Traditional Feng Shui has to be distinguished from “new-age” practices by its rigor, its logic and by the way it is transmitted from Master to student.

It is difficult to learn Traditional Feng Shui from books ( would they exist) because the methods and theories are just one piece of knowledge in this art, the other being the experience acquired through years of practice.

This experience can be passed on, there is nothing mysterious about this.



By knowing the Cycles of Time better, it can help detect any problems or opportunities that arise.

We compare that art to an amazing way to prepare for anything, knowing about the possibilities of change.

This will help greatly to understand all the possibilities and teach us how to prepare for all of them.

You will then multiply your chances of success and increase your willingness to act on any known opportunities in the year.


We can deliver a business counsel to a large range of situations.

Ranging from single strategic action to long and short term planning, in cooperation with the decisions makers.

This study can make your Offices the best vector of your success.

By learning about your business partners, important activities and major events, we can give you the good date, the right people to deal with and best advice at any given time


Study and home arrangement can change everything for you: each moment that you spend in your House will nourish your vitality. Success has different meanings to everyone, but we all need more Vitality.

This can be done for a month, 6 month or all year around. This personal home study will give you the best understanding of yourself, of the others and the way to produce the best work you can, respecting the Flow of Qi in your home.


The art of Evolving traces its roots to the fundamental principles of the ancient time-tested system of Daoist Astrology.

These arts can be used in a modern and practical way, to give the best answer at the best time.

The idea is to find what you do not know, about yourself and the people you do business with. This study evaluates all levels of your nature and characteristics and do the same with the people you interact to find the best way to cooperate.


Finding the perfect arrangement of your home to get the maximum from your life.

Feng Shui can help you live your life the best you can.


When and what to buy, at the best time. By understanding the cycles of time and your personal cycles, you can acquire the best real estate at the perfect time for you.



6 Cycles to Learn Traditional Feng Shui:

Cycle 1 : Introduction and Basic Knowledge

Cycle 2 : Ba Zhai or 8 Houses

Cycle 3 : Fei Xing or Flying Stars

Cycle 4 : Luan Tou or Study of Forms

Cycle 5 : Da Gua or Great Hexagram

Cycle 6 : Global Study and Interpretation



Xing Fa (Forms Method) popularly known as Luan Tou or Landform Feng Shui places more emphasis on the use of natural forms such as mountains and rivers and man made structures such as roads and buildings.


Ba Zhai or Eight Mansion is a popular system of Feng Shui practiced by many. Its popularity is likely due to its simplicity where the auspicious and inauspicious sectors within a dwelling are determined simply by the sitting direction of the dwelling.

A dwelling is divided into eight sectors. Four of these are auspicious and four are not depending on the sitting direction.

In practice, practitioner strives to place the main door, master bedroom and kitchen in the auspicious sectors of the dwelling.


Xuan Kong Fei Xing (or Flying Stars) is a highly popular sub-system within Xuan Kong Feng Shui.

Others in the Xuan Kong family include the 64 Hexagrams, the 6 methods, the Purple White Divinition and Date Selection.

No one knows the origin of Xuan Kong Feng Shui. This is a very popular aspect of Feng Shui that takes care of Time and Cycles.

Feng Shui was not taught openly like today and much of it was considered secret.

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