“Good Advice can Change Everything”

Change for a Better Tomorrow

Your Destiny can be changed according to your choices and the actions you take consciously. Any situation or problem can be helped as soon as you are ready to take action and change habits.
We offer advice and strategy of action that will bring you closer to success, fulfilment and happiness in life.
And we will be with you, all the way.


Sometimes we are confronted with having to make a single choice or we may need to take a completely new direction. Whether it is in our professional or private lives, there are always times when clear and outside advice can be very helpful.
We also want to avoid those times when we feel our life is out of control, where we are no longer the actor of our own destiny.
In all of these cases, this approach is for you. We all want to achieve our potential and come closer to our ideal.

You will understand and master many aspects of your life such as:

  • A rich professional life
  • Better management of professional and personal relationships
  • A stable emotional life 
  • Unwavering vitality
  • The body you want
  • A fulfilling personal life
  • A Spirituality or philosophy that suits you 



Based on the Date and Time of birth of a person, Bazi is a deep and complete tool to better understand our personalities.

This art can help you make informed decisions, Bazi can help understand anybody’s behavior, character, hidden traits, unused talents and personality compatibilities. Bazi is a Clear and non-judgemental profiling and personal evaluation tool used to improve effectiveness and productivity. It is an incredible help to make better decisions by knowing what really motivates the individuals and how to act on this knowledge.


By knowing the Cycles of Time better, it can help detect any problems or opportunities that arise. We compare that art to an amazing way to prepare for anything, knowing about the possibilities of change.

​This will help greatly to understand all the possibilities and teach us how to prepare for all of them.

You will then multiply your chances of success and increase your willingness to act on any known opportunities in the year.


​We can deliver a business counsel to a large range of situations. Ranging from single strategic action to long and short term planning, in cooperation with the decisions makers.

​By learning about your business partners, important activities and major events, we can give you the good date, the right people to deal with and best advice at any given time.


​One to one coaching is the only way a successful blueprint is tailored to an individual and it is the most powerful way for knowledge and development.

Success has different meanings to everyone. This can be done for a month, 6 month or all year around. This personal coaching will give you the best understanding of yourself, of the others and the way to produce the best work you can, respecting your values and aspirations.


The art of Evolving traces its roots to the fundamental principles of the ancient time-tested system of Daoist Astrology.

These arts can be used in a modern and practical way, to give the best answer at the best time.The idea is to find what you do not know, about yourself and the people you do business with. This study evaluates all levels of your nature and characteristics and do the same with the people you interact to find the best way to cooperate.


How to understand each other and work together better?

Ethics, moral choices, marketing strategy, we need to put the People in the center of the work place.

All the people related problems can find a solution using various metaphysical tools that help oversee just about every aspect of the business to ensure a more emphatic and productive way to work together.




The first thing to do is to find the best expression of our potential in our life. Gradually addressing the prejudices and habits, which block us.

For this purpose, we establish an individualized practice where the counsel plays the role of catalyst in the process of our personal and professional development. We use attentive and analytical listening to the specific issues of each individual, both in their career, personal issues and also in their environment.

This work is intended as a space of directed creativity and trust, where one can speak and reveal oneself without judgement.

A good understanding of the changes of the world and the personality of the individual allow us to make reliable choices in the desired direction.

Within this approach, we guarantee confidentiality with rigorous ethics and respect for the individual.

The formulas which we use to calculate, allow us to take account of each specific objective and constraint.



We will assess the needs and objectives.

In this sense, we will establish a prioritization of the aspects for change, to evolve, and to achieve the purpose.

We will define a clear plan of action, gather the necessary resources then go to the essential phase of our approach: putting it into action.

The application of this method is well proven, but can only function from the moment the commitment is real.

We all need some good counsel, at one time or another.



There are several aspects to fulfilling our life.  Each of these aspects need a level of accomplishment for us to be happy.  We need to work on these in parallel so we don’t create an imbalance, as we will often develop some at the expense of others.

  • The relationship we have with our self, self-esteem, and the image we have of ourselves: in other words, the judgements that we have about ourselves, depending on our deepest aspirations.  We will work on the body, our weight, vitality and emotional state.
  • The way we relate to other people, in our personal or even intimate relationships. Also in our professional lives where we have to maintain relationships with the people we work with.  This also covers the relationships between couples.
  • What you choose as your career or employment.  How you organise your work or your extracurricular activities. These are aspects of our work in the world, what we want to leave for future generations, but also the gap which may exist between our actual work and that which we dream of doing.
  • The relationship you have with money, goods, and the ability to generate and retain their value. This is also how to manage and contribute intelligently in the world with the money that you generate.
  • Education, training and values.  It is important to always strive to improve ourselves, to understand the world better. This is also our spirituality, religion or philosophy, an important and subtle part which can easily be neglected in our materialistic world.
  • The aspirations we have, our ideals and all our unfulfilled dreams. This is our ideal image of ourselves, and also the aspirations which we have put aside in spite or obligation of the moment.

It is possible to balance these various aspects of our lives, but this will take organization and external planning.

This is where we can help!





The Yi Ching or “I Ching”, also known as the Classic of Changes, Book of Changes and Zhouyi, is one of the oldest of the Chinese classic texts. This classic can be translated too as “the book of Simplicity”.

The book contains a divination system comparable to Western geomancy ; in Western cultures and modern East Asia, it is still widely used for this purpose.

This is the Book that explains the Changes of the World

In Daoist society the “I Ching” had two different purposes. The first one was as a compendium of ancient cosmic principles.

The second purpose was a divination based on the text. As a divination the “Yi Ching” text was used by fortunetellers and roadside oracles at markets and fairs.

The Daoist educated persons actually used I Ching as a work for divination quite rarely. There are actually few references to the I Ching as a divination text in the works of the countless literati of ancient China. This situation is clarified by a great number of observers of traditional Chinese society.

Today we can use its wisdom for a number of Choices and Options that life throws at us.

The Book of “simplicity” can help on so many levels and gives you the Big Picture so you can take a step back and look at the situation more clearly.

This is the Foundation of all Daoist traditional methaphysics.


Allowing us to calculate your personal BaZi chart you will find your life potential, your innate tendencies: just like reading a map of your life’s journey.

You will find who you are, how you behave and the best use of your talents. Knowing deeply your strengths, weaknesses and personality traits, you can evolve towards your real Ideal Self. This will make you understand any potential or hidden opportunities, and find blockages that may stop your evolution.

Destiny is a matter of choices, which lead to change, not 100% carved in stone. In other words, if you understand your internal mechanism and tendencies, you will get the possibility to change anything you want about your Destiny.

By discovering and understanding this, you will make informed, better quality decisions in life conscious of your options in any aspects of your professional or private life.

Make conscious informed decisions and create changes in your life


Feng Shui is the understanding and study of the environmental influence: Time and Space, which represents a third of our Destiny. These Influence refers to the factors represented by our living, natural environment. The home in which we live play a very important role in influencing our destiny. The actual possibility of controlled “Luck” can be vastly improved by the practice of Feng Shui.

In Feng Shui, we study and use the Invisible Forces that govern and affect us as a group. The principles known as Qi (natural energies) can be understood, these invisible forces are what hold the universe together and all things living including the Planet that we live in.

Feng Shui (that mean “wind” and “water”) is a daoist Metaphysics system used to study and benefit from the natural energies (Qi) of the living world around us.

It has been used for the last 3000 years with success. In Feng Shui, we will transfrom the “Stagnant” Qi to a “Vibrant” and useful Qi.

The nature of Qi is cyclical and can be calculated

At different times, different types of Qi will take its affects on the environment.

Knowing the Cycle of Qi, we can adapt and act accordingly, making informed decisions.


Qi Men Dun Jia is the most secret and hidden part of the Daoist Metaphysics. Finding the right place at the right time!

This amazing art of time and space consists in finding and interpreting all the information of the Daoist Metaphysics together. The purpose is to pinpoint the perfect moment to act, react or even decide to retreat.

This was even used for legendary Battles and Imperial maneuvers!

Daxuan Consulting uses Qi Men Dun Jia today to accompany you in decision making in your professional life and activities such as developing management ethics, political campaigns, marketing strategies, all around negotiation and even personal life tactics.

The incredible Precision of this system can baffle you each time.

Once you see the results this art one time, you will use it all the time.


Over the years, hundreds of people have used our services, here are some of their comments about the whole process…

This is really a strong lifelong and life changing practise. I really have started to witness my life. In these 10 weeks I have been given the possibilities to see myself close up in the mirror and my relationship with other people. It is a profound and hard personal training if you let go and let the process start working within you. And when you do – there is no going back.

Looking back at my life and seeing my motivation for everything I have done was a hard personal exercise and living another person’s life was as profound and still have aftermath. But “Even the worst of situation, even the worst decision, was always the best I could do at that time. Because I was the result of my past until the moment of this choice” is helping me to move forward towards my perfection.

I have just started, and I am looking forward to the road ahead. It will not be easy, but if I do not start changing and try being the best I can, how can I claim that from my fellow man?

– Annelise, Oslo, Norway

The Process was a truly profound experience for me.  It’s very difficult to explain how much has deeply changed and at the same time nothing has to the observer from the outside. Through at first seemingly simple methods you deepen your connection and really experience the shamanic path.
Having 10 weeks for the initiation was great and really needed to fully immerse in it. It was an amazing journey and I encourage everyone to do it as it has truly changed me and the qualities developed will continue to.

– Daniel, London, UK

The Work has been one of the most wonderful things I have done. Exploration of bad habits, deeper understanding of my relationships to the people, places and things around me, and much more! Facing hard truths to reveal the hidden perfection, the best version of myself and dissolving the false personalities is certainly hard work, but most definitely worth it, I feel like a better version of myself, more true to my nature, and it keeps improving with practice!

– Chris, Sydney, Australia

This was a revelation to me. I truly understood for the first time what it meant to take “your place in this world “and also the real meaning of the Celestial Mandate. This work opened my eyes on all aspects of my life.
I realized how guilty I was feeling to have dreams, and big ones, so I therefore kept it locked up for a long time that made me realize how wrong I was and sent me signs that I welcomed in my life.
I have never felt so confident and so proud to belong to the Daxuan School.

– Seth, Paris, France

It is hard to say what is most important, because everything we do in the Da Xuan school is connected and has a direct effect on each other. But I must say that for me, this was an exceptional experience. It is one of those HAVE TO DO courses, because this is the essence of it all in my eyes.
Who are you really and what do you want to DO/LIVE the rest of your life? It is in my eyes impossible not to want to know this.

There are many things I don´t have to do, but this I have to do. I cannot not know what to do for the rest of my life.  Living life in the mist. No! And it is so amazing that we have all this in our school. We have this opportunity right in front of us.

It should have been mandatory to learn about this in our society! Thank you again for an incredible course. I don´t really find the words, because it has just been incredible.

– Arne, Oslo, Norway

All the changes these 10 weeks and the seed to so many other coming changes are incredible! Take the deep plunge into yourself and just enjoy what you will find out about yourself! A beginning to an end! What was before can not be sustained!

Just do it!

– Henning, Oslo, Norway

It was a huge changing process for me to actually realize and see that the perfect me was already there, my perfection was right in front of me. It was all about trusting the concept we were given and see it in the right way. The hard work was to finally letting go of the past, the fiction I had of myself. I now have the rules to abide to, to follow, and to actually do what you are supposed to do. Slowly coming into the light of a new life.

This is a life changing moment.

What could be more useful than to know who you really are and reveal your hidden potential? You look at yourself from many different angles to experience and accept your true nature. For sure, at times what you see and feel is not what you are prepared to face but the process and exercises enable you to confidently go deep into yourself and shed light on what was avoided or misunderstood.

I ended the work with a clear understanding of what I should do to stay close to me and not go against who I am. It still requires some adjustments but I know that if I follow the way I can’t lose myself anymore.

– Arnaud, London, UK