Consciously Happy

Here are a few simple concepts to go towards a search for happiness.  These concepts take into account modern research, as well as ancient writings. Sleeping enough regulates moods A sleep study over 7 years (Watson 2000-2007) shows that whatever our troubles, a restful sleep … Continue readingConsciously Happy

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Tempus Fugit !

“The fate of man on earth is that of a soldier,     His days are those of a mercenary.     As a servant earnestly desireth the shadow,     As the worker looks for his wages ,     So I have to possess months of pain , I have my … Continue readingTempus Fugit !

Getting out of the Torpor

Practice returns what you’ve invested into it, the importance you give to your Way gives it its reality and its transformation power. We are in Way in life, which doesn’t require seclusion, nor suffering, but which requires work and involvement. We get used to live … Continue readingGetting out of the Torpor

“Age Quod Agis”

” Since this is so, we must take more seriously the lessons we have receivedto be trained not to drift. “ Whether one’s research is on the Breath, the “energy” or the spirit, Whether one’s Way is global or not, the foremost quality at the … Continue reading“Age Quod Agis”

Paying attention

 For those who have a daily practice, it is useful to think about refining their time spent on the Way In concentration, which is useful early on to avoid distractions, a “tunnel” type of focus is created, nothing else exists except the object of our concentration, … Continue readingPaying attention

Si Xiang : The four aspects of the spiritual path

Training of the four spiritual aspects is a traditional method of explaining the Kan-Li Accomplishment, one of the three stages of Taoist spiritual enlightenment. The four aspects are : Initiation – Purification – Rebirth – Accomplishment Training implies the presence of  Nei Gong (internal training) or a « Weapons Path » … Continue readingSi Xiang : The four aspects of the spiritual path


Let’s see the details that will allow to develop maximum impact. We’re talking here about “obvious” power, the raw force of a rear fist hitting linearly, from the back to the front. It is important not to confuse the force of impact with physical force. … Continue readingPunch

Enjoy Summer Outside !

Clearly, summer is characterized by heat.  Under its effects, the body functions better in general, as everything is more open and circulates better. Be cautious to avoid restlessness and excessive movement, they result in a hyperactive and overheated system. If we are peaceful and calm, … Continue readingEnjoy Summer Outside !

Taoist Immortality

The Eight Rules for Living Well In our tradition, there are rules and advice for all aspects of life.   There are also greater concepts, often not talked about, that we still tend towards. Among these bigger ideas is immortality. This idea is not so much … Continue readingTaoist Immortality

Be sober, be vigilant

The Ultimate admonishment in Taoism, as in many Traditions of Spiritual evolution, is to stay Attentive, hence the admonishment to “awaken” in some currents. This is also what is sought in the dream work, an activity in which one seeks to awaken in his dream … Continue readingBe sober, be vigilant

Doing without trying

Intention plays an important role in the process that leads to a daily Practice. Without desire, will or fantasy, it is difficult to go towards a Way or a  Practice. Indeed, it is through personal research, to “change” that we go towards traditional exercises : … Continue readingDoing without trying

The changes of the Tao

Taoism is an ability to grasp the changes of the world and to blend with them in a “non action” necessary for a certain quality of relaxation. The growth, the changes and the decline of phenomena and things, the natural cycles and the principles of … Continue readingThe changes of the Tao

It’s inventory time!

“What is it then, brethren? When you come together , everyone he has a hymn, or a statement, a foreign language, a revelation, an interpretation ? Let all things be done for edification. ” Corinthians 14 : 26 We live in an extraordinary world, in … Continue readingIt’s inventory time!