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Building the Internal, Stalked by Shadows

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According to Taoist theory, we are searching for three profound realizations that will transform us to take us back to our natural “Unity” : we will discuss here one of these three realizations.

During the creation of the individual, according to Taoist theory, the “gate of life” (ming men) is the first point in space that the human being will occupy.

Upon the meeting of the jing (essence) of the parents, and through the presence of a spark of the Universal Spirit (yuan shen), there is creation of a new living being.

From this “gate of life”, the axes of existence are created: first the “high – low” axis (chong), then the “front – rear” axle (ren and du) and finally the horizontal division of the belt (dai).

The projection of this “gate of life” on the front of our body is the center of our lower “elixir field” (dan tien), a few inches below the navel.

This center is a gift of our humanity, a rapport to earth, to our manifestation and it constitutes the ability to vitalize our body by the force of the Yang that energizes our mind / body.

Like it or not, whether one is aware of it or not, this center is there,  perfectly developed and available.

If you put your attention on it, without superhuman efforts, the sensation of this center is available to all, at every moment.Just being aware of this center of cinnabar enables a multiplication of the vitality of the body, of our being’s energy, a realization of our true way of functioning, often blocked by sick behaviors.

This center is perfect from the beginning of our lives and will remain perfectly opened until our death. On the other hand, by conscious attention to it, it is possible to understand and realize this perfection.

The awareness of the perfection of the bottom center, by direct experience of internal alchemy, gives what is called “the achievement of water and fire” (kan – li): there are 9 steps to work on, the first being conscious breathing with a sensation of this center (embryonic respiration).

This is a precise job that is prepared as a fine dining dish, where technique must be learned with details and in a precise order.

Within a serene and full of love family atmosphere, the second center, the heart, may develop.

This middle center, contrary to the bottom one, is not formed without internal and external actions.

It will depend on the love that we will be given and the ability to perceive that love: it is possible not to feel the positive emotions around us if certain other emotions overwhelm us (fear, anger …).

Our relationship with our emotions and our balance in our relationship with others will depend on this middle center.

If the bottom center determines our basic operation, the fluidity of our physiological functioning, the middle center will be responsible for our emotional life.

In the case that we have an emotional center handicapped by a heavy family history or a bad perception of emotions due to heavy childish emotions, it must be built with an introspection of our internal functioning.

This is the basis of our character and of our ability to establish rapport to one another.

The third center in the sphere of of the unknown for us, the spirit being in our hearts, it is the rapport to our realization, to the infinite and mysterious.

This center does not really exist if it is not built, it has the name “Purple Palace”.

Our goal is to build this center, which gives us a taste of the infinite, but also a connection with the mysterious, before returning to earth.

In the “Magic Annals of the Slayers of Demons,” an old story about Zhong Kui describes the practice as a race: the luminous goal in front of us and death that is never that far behind.

It depends on the awareness of the bottom center, through the water and fire realization, but also on the balance of the parts of the mind by opening the middle center.

This center enables us to have  a clear vision of the real world and a glimpse of the invisible world.

This process is called “internal alchemy,” the “Ling Tai” (spiritual embryo) birthing that will grow along with our worldly life, according to our practice.

This profound realization of our total nature is an important goal of the esoteric Way, but it relies directly on the core work of the body and the ability to live a decent life in the necessary alignment.