The Yi Jing. Knowing Oneself Better. Making the Correct Decisions

Humans have always sought to understand the laws that rule the world. The Yi Jing is a method that explains the logic of these changes, as well as the possible outcomes for the world and human beings. Although it is often used as a tool for divination, it also allows us to understand the world’s changes, how to lead our lives, and take advantage of the possible evolutions that happen between one situation and the next.

The Yi Jing, or the Book of Changes, represents these changes in a simple manner, through the application of the concepts of Yin and Yang. These are represented via 64 hexagrams, figures of 6 lines, that explain all the possible changes that can occur.

The Yi Jing is a book dating back over 3000 years, and many versions and commentaries have been released. However, most of them are accompanied by obscure references to ancient Chinese culture, and create more confusion than anything. This edition by Serge Augier has been designed with the intention of making the Yi Jing practical and accessible to modern readers, so they can benefit from it in their daily lives.

With the help of this work, you will learn three drawing methods, so that you can quickly and easily learn how to consult this profound resource, and answer any question you may have. The judgments of the hexagrams of the Yi Jing are clearly explained, as are the meanings behind the changing lines. Each hexagram also contains easily accessible advice for common question topics, such as relationships and work or financial matters.