Seasonal Nei Gong

Living in Harmony With the Seasons


Our world is subject to rhythms: the seasons, the alternation from day to night, the different hours of the day, and the phases of the Moon (the influence the full moon has on the human temperament is no fiction).

The Earth follows a daily rhythm as it rotates around its own axis every day.  The moon has its monthly rhythm, the Sun its annual.  The Sun rises from the winter to the summer solstice, and descends from the summer to the winter solstice.

Certain traditions also speak of energetic ‘tides’ of two hours that follow each other.

Each of these changes provides much more rhythm to our lives than we might imagine: they impact our way of living from the most basic level (the cycle between day and night) to the more complex (the internal rhythms of our bodies).

Everything is connected: the rhythms of the Earth have a global effect that influences the rhythms of our own bodies.  And each person’s body interacts with other peoples’ bodies; together we set rhythms in motion that influence the world in turn.

We live better when we better understand our own rhythms in addition to those that act on the world at large.  The teachings and wisdom of our ancestors encourage us to cooperate with the world, rather than resist it.

This work is a practical manual to help teach us to live according to the energy of the seasons, so that we can go along with the changes of the world, rather than struggling against the natural rhythms of life.

Divided into five sections, for each of the seasons according to ancient Chinese tradition, this book is full of information on how they each influence our physiology, behaviour, and energy.  Each season has specific advice on exercises for the body, breath, energy, and mind, so that we can flow with the world and preserve our health and vitality.  Besides simple exercises, it also suggests nutritional advice, lifestyle changes, herbal supplementation, 

Learn to follow the laws of the world and respect the energy of the seasons, consume less energy unnecessarily, and be ready to tackle any challenge or overcome any obstacle.