Meditation is an antidote for stress. This work offers a technique for training the mind, and linking the body, breath, and mind together, based off of ancient personal practice of spiritual evolution.

This method, presented by Serge Augier, the Urban Daoist, is a simple practice of simple exercises that teach us how to calm our mind, our thoughts, and our emotions, through a training of the concentration, focus, and observation. The goal of this practice is to train in order to know ourselves better. Working on the mind is one component of this great adventure, the others being the preparation of the body and development of our energy.

An invaluable aid for learning to relax, take a step back, and make one’s mind more available in order to live more fully. This book will teach you how to develop your abilities and progress step by step towards your ideal of happiness and peace.

Besides aiding in our spiritual fulfillment, meditation makes our mind available for every day life: our family and loved ones, work, studies, and leisure activities.

It is a holistic method centred on exercises that do not require intellectual analysis, but demand a regular and daily effort. Begin your exploration of this beneficial practice today!