Daoist Magick

Treatise of Daoist Magic

The rational, the mental, and the intellect have increasingly taken over our modern lives, leaving no room for the intuition, the sacred or the magical. We have lost the ability to observe the signs and messages of the world. This book invites us to perceive the world in another way, with a more open and available mind, so that we can fully take advantage of the energies around us, with full awareness. Intention is the mother of magic. By training our senses and listening to our emotions, we refine the mind so that it can perceive something more: a new and always fascinating daily life.

This work is divided into two parts, Yin and Yang. Yin magic is passive, involving learning to listen and observe the world, and paying attention to the mechanisms and changes of the world. Its more active relative, Yang magic, builds off the previous phase, showing you how to act on the world according to your intentions.

The section on Yin magic will teach you to ritualize your daily life, make certain moments ‘sacred’, giving importance to the simple, anchor yourself in the present moment, and stay ‘awake.’ As we say in the Tradition, “the one who is asleep will be guided by the one who is awake.”

Yang magic is a real tool for transforming reality, using action and the will. Once the necessary elements are in place, we accomplish magic by uniting our three bodies, our three breaths, and our three minds.

This work also explores seals, talismans, glyphs, stones, elixirs, fluid condensers, plants, and herbs.

This book requires nothing more than a healthy curiosity, and an open mind. If you play the game, you will welcome the unexplained, the strange, the coincidence and chance into your existence.