Eight Principles for Happiness

64 Exercises to  Enter the Depths of Spiritual Practice


Our common desire to find meaning and happiness in our lives is a personal search that we must each undertake. This book presents a Way of developing all aspects of one’s life, drawing on techniques that have been proven over centuries of practice.

It details the modern application of an ancient tradition, a universal method that depends on simple principles, fortified with good sense, that resonate deeply. By training the three treasures – body, breath, and mind – we learn to make our daily lives easier and smoother. It is impossible not to feel better after testing and applying these exercises, especially when presented so simply.

The book is divided into 8 sections, each explaining a part of the necessary work for attaining happiness. These 8 principles come together to create a complete system that opens up a way to a living and dynamic balance, where each person can figure out how to maximize their potential, in harmony with the world.

Today, we are lost and confused in our search for comfort, security, and our race for money. This book is a pragmatic approach to self-exploration and development. It offers meaning for our lives, and a path to happiness, by drawing on the practices and wisdom of the ancient Daoist lineage of Serge Augier.

If you do it, it works!