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Body: Root of the Mind

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In Taoism and traditional Chinese medicine is known as the yang need the yin to take root. The nature of evaporation and yang is rising, which is yang demanding the counterpart yin to “incarnate”. Yang is the spirit and the yin is the matter.

The stability of the mind takes its root in the body and flexibility of the body depends on level of the mind: the yin and yang aspects of our being are closely related, they are inseparable.

But for practice, it is useful to understand the interaction of one over the other.

Indeed, with a good knowledge of the overall body / mind, we can move easily on our way … or get stuck for years on issues that we ourselves set up.

To take an obvious example (or stupid): since the body and mind are linked, we can act on one or the other to resolve all sorts of problems overall. If I disslocate a finger, it is certainly possible to push through with the power of my mind, but the pain is unpleasant, I can not decide to use a quick and physical manipulation. I deal with the physical with the physical.

Now, in my example, if I am relaxed during the process of replacing the finger, the pain will be anecdotal. So if I am tense because of the fear of pain, I can make it impossible with overall tension of the mind: I therefore am limited by the fear, the purely physical.

In practice, we must work on three major things:

* Relaxing the body to give it optimum function,

* Working with the energy to develop a global exchange,

* Soothe the spirit to establish a silence that allows you to touch the “true perception”.

To achieve this goal, we use three methods:

* The exercises aim to relax the body, in conjunction with the spirit,

* The exercises of energy exchange which are the link between body and mind,

* The meditation exercises that soothe the spirit before the body is relaxed.

We are looking at the exercises of the body a relaxation based on a more accurate perception of our being. This relaxation will be three events:

* A natural root, without position or “technique”

* A suppleness expressed through easy co-ordination

* A force externalised by a united body.

The exercises have no energy without the preliminary work of the body: it is as complete a pierced seal, it takes a long time to try and in the end has served no purpose since the seal is still empty. The exercises have many energy topics:

* A “real” sensation of energy,

* An circulation of it (if it has been clearly recognised)

* A comprehensive and natural exchange with the outside of our being.

Concerning the exercises of the mind, which require minimal use of the mind, we will never use visualisations: they are only the mental noise and as powerful as the ones we seek to appease. “Soothe the mind with visualisations is like copulating to keep her virginity,” said a wise man I know.

For the mind, there are a number of practical steps that build on previous work:

* An emotional work that frees us from sentimentality,

* A work of discernment of the function of compulsive thoughts,

* A simple work of perceptions, free from mental ego.

All of this requires a precise method and adaptable to suit everybody, it requires patience and work … and all without expectation, of course!

It is important to recognise the value of working the body and especially the importance of co-ordination. It is not helpful to be well co-ordinated to live, but it is a ruthless demonstration of our internal state of relaxation.

I speak here of a natural co-ordination that is not tied to the repetition of a specific act: everyone arrives, after a time, to imitate a movement after they have worked at it.

In this way, we are the simplicity of perception, so that one day we can do what we understand and we can understand what our body is doing (in the capacity of our own).

An exercise has gained more interest, it’s just a sign of a need for change in our learning.

Initially, the exercises have a lifespan of one week, but some can work for years. We do what frees us from this form of work, these exercises, we will not lock: it is useless to cling to some form of work if one is to teach later.

For the flow of information, everyone is searching for “advanced” or “secrets” exercises while almost no one knows truly the right from the left. This serves no purpose except to increase confusion about the practice itself: its illusion and the mind is forced to create what he may perceive, the imagination works more and thought is obscured in a ceaseless internal noise.

The return to the simplicity of the observation, the actual relaxation of the body for a quiet mind is our research.