If the fighting arts provide the tools to defend yourself, still they are not the method. The method of self defense is psychological for two-thirds, and not physical. There are three parts to know in order to avoid becoming a victim: – Detection of potential … Continue readingSelf-Defense

Inevitable Paradox

– “Why do we practice? ”, – “Why should I practice? ”, – “What will the practice bring to me? ” This way of asking the question, just like we would wonder what such new diet product or such new pair of shoes will bring … Continue readingInevitable Paradox

Do Ut Des!

What does the Practice promise and what can we expect from it? This is not the right question. The question would rather be: «What are we ready to give, in terms of time and efforts, to the Way for our own evolution?»   The Way … Continue readingDo Ut Des!

The Spirit of Changes

The traditions that we study share some similarities: – the pursuit of clarity: to know yourself;–  the work on relaxation: to act simply with accuracy,– Adaptability in the world: go with life. But also an openness to the possibilities of change: the force of the … Continue readingThe Spirit of Changes

“The Real Deal” de Arne

Un bon texte à lire sur le chemin d’un pratiquant.

Blowing on a Violin

Teaching can be rather like talking into empty space, or like talking in public when the possibilities of being heard are slim. It is not out of nastiness or through a lack of interest that the pupil does not listen, since in general it the … Continue readingBlowing on a Violin

Simplicity in practice

Busy training: practice or distraction? It too often happens that under disguise of daily training one is amusing oneself more than practising. Indeed, the exercises which suit us are often those which amuse us while those which disturb us are ignored. When one follows this … Continue readingSimplicity in practice


For those who practise daily it will be useful to give some thought to refining the use made of time on the Way… In concentrating, which is useful in the beginning to avoid distraction, what is established is a “tunnel-vision” sort of focus: nothing exists … Continue readingAttentiveness

The Teacher’s Role

Between the Internet, vcd and dvd, all the main information on the internal arts are almost in the public domain. If we are intelligent and we are sufficiently investigate, there is no practice that can remain hidden. In a world where information is king, where … Continue readingThe Teacher’s Role

Degrees of Simplicity

It is often difficult to see what happens within the progress of our practice.  The teacher is there, but it is useful to understand a couple of things. Several things should be seen: * Phenomena* Levels of consciousness* Stages of evolution* Developed qualities In training, … Continue readingDegrees of Simplicity