Consciously Happy

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Here are some simple concepts to go towards a pursuit of happiness. These concepts take into account both modern research and ancient writings.Getting enough sleep regulates the mood A sleep study…

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Training forms

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In all traditional martial arts we have the idea of predefined choreographed movements that often symbolize some kind of shadow boxing. Except for a few sword styles and some rarer…

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Let's see the details that will allow to develop maximum impact.We're talking here about "obvious" power, the raw force of a rear fist hitting linearly, from the back to the…

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Happy idiot

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It is sometimes justified to question ourselves about the pertinence of a spiritual practice: indeed this work turns  our inside world upside down and can bring suffering to liberate us…

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The summer days

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For those who have a regular, sometimes really important, rooted in their everyday life,  practice, you need to know today that you are responsible for much more than you think.It…

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