Embracing the Infinite

Personal practice allows several things: it allows you to focus and develop listening by reducing the noise of our body and mind. Thus, we can reach different listening levels based on our commitment with the Practice. One of the first manifestation of daily training is … Continue readingEmbracing the Infinite

Body, Energy, Emotion

All the concepts developed here come from Taoism. To facilitate the understanding of this text, these concepts will be explained in modern language without Chinese terms, or so little… In our view, the universe operates according to three spheres: Earth, Man, Heaven (Sky). This worldview … Continue readingBody, Energy, Emotion

The role of the Master

Between the internet, the dvds, the vcds, most of the key information about the internal arts are almost public domain. If we are smart enough and if we are sufficiently investigative, there is no practice that can remain hidden. In a world where information is … Continue readingThe role of the Master

Pissing into the wind

Teaching is a bit like wasting one’s breath or giving a public lecture, therefore the possibility that someone perceives you are slim. It is not out of malice or lack of interest that the student does not listen, since in general it is his own … Continue readingPissing into the wind

Consciously Happy

Here are some simple concepts to go towards a pursuit of happiness. These concepts take into account both modern research and ancient writings. Getting enough sleep regulates the mood   A sleep study of 7 years (Watson 2000-2007) shows that whatever our misfortunes, restful sleep … Continue readingConsciously Happy

The degrees of simplicity

When progressing in one’s practice, it is often difficult to see what is happening. The teacher is there, but it is helpful to understand a few things. “A practice without concept evolves blindly, but concepts without practice are sterile” (A. Einstein) You should see several … Continue readingThe degrees of simplicity

The form of the substance

To understand the purpose of this discussion, it is worth remembering a few simple concepts of Taoist metaphysics. Yang, volatile and intangible, can only remain stable in a manifestation (like a human) if the yin and structural materials is proportionally present: basically, I can only … Continue readingThe form of the substance

Confusion sources

Because in May it is possible “to do as we please” (from the french: “En mai fais ce qu’il te plait”), it is not a reason to mess around.You sometimes have to put some pieces back in the correct order so that you can go … Continue readingConfusion sources

Training forms

In all traditional martial arts we have the idea of predefined choreographed movements that often symbolize some kind of shadow boxing. Except for a few sword styles and some rarer styles, forms are a solo practice which aims at refining one’s technique and getting a … Continue readingTraining forms

The Master is unecessary!

The Tradition spreads with strength essential information for our personal evolution: this information is distilled with wisdom by the Professor and perceived by our mind, exchanged within the School. If information is inestimable, if exchange is essential for a just evolution, it is the clarity … Continue readingThe Master is unecessary!

Lost in the Fields

It is important, in a personal journey, not to get lost in the teaching’s technicality and to know how to keep our real goals in sight. Whatever the Way, it offers progression techniques for a successful evolution: it is possible to end up perfecting the … Continue readingLost in the Fields


Let’s see the details that will allow to develop maximum impact. We’re talking here about “obvious” power, the raw force of a rear fist hitting linearly, from the back to the front. It is important not to confuse the force of impact with physical force. … Continue readingPunch!

Forms are useless

I mean the choregraphed form, composed of several techniques aped to strike the wind. I was fortunate enough to meet many talented practitioners and masters in martial arts, they shared with me some forms and exercises that I still practice today.After all this time, I … Continue readingForms are useless

Happy idiot

It is sometimes justified to question ourselves about the pertinence of a spiritual practice: indeed this work turns  our inside world upside down and can bring suffering to liberate us from our sick mechanisms. All those who have started a real research on how the … Continue readingHappy idiot

The summer days

For those who have a regular, sometimes really important, rooted in their everyday life,  practice, you need to know today that you are responsible for much more than you think. It is hard to know what will happen in our life, our travels and our … Continue readingThe summer days